Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sayulita to Villa Corona, Jalisco - Chimulco RV and Aquatic Park

March 2, 2013

Here's where my adventure really begins.  It has been difficult for me to play the dependent follower role.  I guess I've just been independent too long; and, as a nurse-business woman in the healthcare industry, I am sensitive to on-timed-nous!  At each departure from one RV park to the next, Fred, Barb and I have discussed the upcoming departure and trip to the next location.  Because I do all the preparation of my RV and 'family' myself, I need to rise early on the day of departure to meet the 'saliendo' time given by Fred.  And at each departure I wait, sometimes up to two or three hours after the designated departure time, to actually leave.

In Sayulita we discussed our ETD:  between 7-7:30 this morning.  I decided last night that I'd leave alone if the others weren't ready by 7:30.  So, at 7:30 when I saw that they weren't dressed and didn't have their tow vehicle attached, I decided to head out on my own to Villa Corona.

Upon arrival at Villa Corona, after a very enjoyable day of relaxed driving and stopping at points of interest, I found that Fred was very upset with my decision to leave Sayulita when I did.  Without going into detail, I decided that it would behoove me to continue on this adventure on my own.  I told Barb of my decision and that I feel badly about interrupting our planned time together, but this is just the way I have to do it.

March 4, 2013

Villa Corona is a nicely Mexican Mexican pueblo; Barb and I have walked into town a couple of times and I'm beginning to get the flavor of my real Mexico.  This RV park is essentially built on grass - no more sand traipsed in by me or Lacy.  There are about 20 RVs and motor homes here - even some people from Europe, a Swiss German couple who have been traveling in Central and South America and Mexico for five years, leaving their giant tank-like camper [looks like it'd do really well in Africa!] parked somewhere on this side of the Atlantic, while they return home to Switzerland for six months each year; then they fly back and pick up where they left off for another Winter season of exploration and adventure.

I've met a lovely couple from Southern Utah, who are traveling in a truck camper with their dog.  Bobbi and I have sparked up a nice friendship and she may visit me in Roseville later this year.  She even came over and psychedelically painted my toenails - what fun!  I can't wait to suggest it to my 5 granddaughters - each nail painted differently using three psychedelic colors of purple, green and blue!

There's a huge overflow field where there are a few ''wishing to be alone' campers parked, with and without hookups, and Lacy can run and run without bothering anybody.  We take walks out in the field or around the periphery of the park each day.  I've also ridden my bike out of the park into an area of the town, relatively close, to buy supplies and Magnum bars!

The park, as I mentioned, is a water park - lots of Mexican visitors from Guadalajara and other locales here for a day of fun and frolic in the hot-springs pools.  The pools are emptied every night and filled again with fresh very warm water every morning.

One thing I find inconvenient is that the free wi-fi can only be accessed by walking into the center of the aquatic park in the small area that the router covers.  Not good for me as I utilize the Internet innumerable times per day.  So, at night, when I'd love to watch movies, catch up on email, pay bills, etc, I'm stranded - poor me!  However, it's forcing me to become conversant with alternative technologies for connectivity success.  I think I'm going to bite the bullet and buy a TELCEL stick (la banda ancha).