Friday, April 26, 2013

Vaquero Village, Laredo to San Antonio KOA - Sunday 4/21/13

Sunday – 4/21/13 - Vaquero Village to San Antonio KOA campground

What a joy to drive on a four-lane freeway WITH shoulders!  We left Vaquero Village at about noon for the about 130-mile drive to San Antonio.  We stopped once for gas because my rig only holds about 14 gallons – 200 miles if I’m lucky.  One of the important things I learned in Mexico is to start looking for service stations when I’m just over a half tank down – just in case!  Speaking of gas and mileage, I’ve been getting between about 11 and 14.5 mpg on the trip, depending on the starts and stops and increases and decreases in altitude.  I’ve been impressed with the altitude throughout the interior of Mexico – much of the country is in 4,000 – 7,000 foot range. 

I visited San Antonio about 12 years ago - for a Surgical Services seminar - boy, am I glad I'm not there anymore!  It's interesting that I was here at exactly the same time of the year!  It's San Antonio Fiesta time.  The city (of about 1.3 million people) has more than a million visitors during this annual 10-day 'street party.'  Much of the action takes place in the downtown "Alamo" area - at the 'Riverwalk' along the San Antonio River.  It's a lovely and upscale location with hunions of restaurants, boutiques, souvenir shops and strolling paths along the river.  Very charming - and very crowded this week!

This KOA is one of the nicest I've ever seen - located next to a creek and 40 acres of pecan trees - that's PE' can!  It's about 10 minutes from downtown; there are city buses that stop right outside the campground that go to the historical and cultural district where all the Fiesta action is.  The staff is very friendly and helpful, the shower and bath rooms are immaculate, lots of jogging, walking and biking trails, nice large dog park, nice heated swimming pool, great laundry facility and a public golf course next door.

We're planning to stay and enjoy San Antonio for three days.


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