Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

Hope all the fathers out there are / have had a wonderful Father's Day.  I spent a wonderful day with my son-in-law, David, and my daughter's family; well, almost all of the family.  Addison, who you might remember as the Loyola Marymount grad of a month ago is at Arizona State University in a whirlwind course to acquire a teacher's credential - in 5 weeks - usually a 1 year course!  She'll be heading for a two year contract with Teach For America in Colorado Springs as soon as she finishes this grueling summer course - that is if she lives through it! 

Anyway the group today was David, Kari, Quinn (25) and her honey, Landon (25), Holland (who just graduated from high school), Tate, Avery and Spencer (the 13 year old triplets) and me.  We all piled in their car for a great day in San Francisco - where we went to see "Beach Blanket Babylon," the long-running magical fun-filed theater treat in North Beach.  I've seen it several times over the last four decades - the story hasn't changed.  Snow White is searching for her "prince" all over the World - and then finds him back home in San Francisco.  But, although the story remains that which Steve Silver dreamed up in the 60s, the characterizations are timely and politically incorrect.  It's still a riot and it's so San Francisco.

After the show we had Father's Day dinner at Caffe Sport on Green Street in the heart of North Beach - great food and atmosphere - San Francisco Italian, of course, and delicious.  Then we spent some time at the North Beach Festival - a street fair with cordoned off streets and lots of arts, crafts, jewelry, clothes, entertainment and so many great people-watching opportunities.  The weather was San Francisco-style gorgeous .... in the 70s, no fog, no wind - perfection.  Of course we did have to drive back to the Sacramento area - still about 92 at 10PM!

It was a great day and I wish all you Fathers well.....

PS:  Here's a photo of Daphne Dolphin taken in April in Valle de Juarez, Mexico.  I'm going to be taking Daphne in for second opinions on all the things she needs in order to be the perfect home on wheels for me!  I'm heading up to Cottonwood later this week to try to get all her foibles worked out so we can start planning our next adventure .....


  1. I saw "Beach Blanket Babylon" years ago and just loved it. I had no idea it was STILL playing.

    Your RV is very cute - yes, go get a 2nd opinion! :-)

    1. I was so impressed with all the decorating details I saw in your photos. I really haven't done anything creative inside; so if it works out that I can keep Daphne I'll be putting on my 'creative hat' (it has lots of dust on it!) and sprucing her up!
      Beach Blanket Babylon is truly worth the $25 ticket - at least once in a lifetime!

  2. Sounds like you had a great day!

    That's a beautiful picture of Daphne, I am going to miss Hacienda Contreras.


    1. Are you planning to go back? I'm still up in the air about travel plans - as you can see in the blog. But, I do love Barb and Sal and all the crew at Hacienda. My wish would be to set up there and venture out to lots of new places, mostly to the South, next year. We'll see how it goes. Happy Monday

  3. Love San Francisco. I read and watch a mini series about a young lady moving to SF, CA and turns out her grandmother ran a chicken ranch of the human kind in Nevada. Can't remember the name of the book but the grandmother's name in the book was Mother Mucca. I have to see the Beach Blanket Babylon next time I'm in Frisco. What perfect day you all had in SF.