Saturday, December 28, 2013

Day After Christmas - Cajun Style

Just been too busy having fun to write much.  Here's kind of a recap of the last few days

Lacy had a couple of really bad nights with all the celebration noise, but it seems that the fireworks are finished for a few days.  They'll start up again for New Year's Eve.  And, finally, on the third night of boom-booms she's arrived at the point where she's just shivering and shaking, but not going into her catatonic state.  What a relief!

On the 26th, as if we hadn't done enough feasting at our group Christmas dinner, we headed out to Suire's Cajun Restaurant and Grocery for lunch . . .

These Cajun restaurants are essentially very primitive structures and have been here for ages - but what food!  Here's the lunch group:  Wayne and Sharon from Iowa, Jay from Washington, Rick from North Carolina and Marvin, our resident tour guide, from Baton Rouge, LA
It's difficult to get good exterior shots as the building is completely socked in by the cars 
and trucks of the diners!
It's easy to decide what you'd like to order - before entering!
 And, yes it is a grocery store too
 This is the senior Suire sister - of the five sister-owners, she's 58 and has been working here for about 50 years!  Check out the order ticket.  She just keeps writing, adds your name to your order and in a couple of minutes your food is ready

 Yup, they've been written up in The New York Times
Chicken Stew, Cajun style - special of the day.  Check out the peas; they brought back memories of my childhood and my mom's home-canned peas.  The first time I had frozen peas, I thought they were a new vegetable!  The dish is served with real mashed potatoes and gravy, but underneath the stew is enough rice for four diners!  The dessert (the rectangular piece next to the dinner roll) is served with the meal.  Of course, PoBoys are the real Cajun lunch food and there are lots of choices . .  shrimp, crab, chicken, alligator . . . the list goes on.
After lunch, across the road, we noticed this crawfish harvester at work.  The crawfish are 'raised' in rice fields and harvested as they become ready.  I need to do a little research on this Cajun food staple.
We got out to watch him just as he was getting ready to take a lunch break.  He simply turns left and drives his harvester up alongside the house and voila(!), he's home for lunch

After lunch we drove back to Betty's RV Park, where Jay and Marvin worked diligently to hook up my television, which I've not used at all since I moved into Floribunda in July.  The TV is the original installed when the rig was new, i.e. HEAVY and cumbersome.  Well, long story short, it didn't happen, so Marvin loaned me his extra flat-screen TV and I'm working on finding at least some local news channels.  I've truly not missed watching TV other than news, Downton Abbey, History and Nature channels.  But, I surely do appreciate how this team of helpers has come along to work on all my little Floribunda idiosyncrasies!  They're  a great group of friends and I'm having a ball!
This is THE END of this post entry, folks!


  1. If you want to watch TV using the RV antenna, check to see if it has the "new" add-on which brings in digital over-the-air channels. You can also ask your helpers if you have the right antenna.
    A number of stores including Walmart and Bestbuy now sell flat screen TVs starting around $100.
    There is also a site which tells you what direction to point your antenna:

  2. Thanks Roger. Yes, I intend to buy that add-on; my work crew told me about it. Also, I have my Panasonic flatscreen TV with me; I just need to get the electrical cord and remote sent!!! I forgot them in my old RV, which is parked at my son's house. i'll check out that site for direction of antenna. You are just a wealth of information, my friend.

  3. I always stop at Suire's for a shrimp po boy when I'm in Louisiana!

    1. I need to go back there and try their Shrimp PoBoy. I did have one yesterday at Bon Creole in New Iberia - it was divine!

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