Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New Braunfels, Texas - a Tad North-East of San Antonio

Slept like a log last night and woke up early this morning - feeling good.  Throat is still a little scratchy and there are those dreaded coughing spells.  But, all in all, I feel so much better.  So, in a leisurely fashion, I  got stuff organized and battened down, hitched Petunia up to Floribunda, and rambled out of River Shade RV Park in Seguin, TX at about 11AM.

I'd decided my "to do" list for Floribunda was long enough to warrant a stop at Camping World in New Braunfels - about a 35-minute drive; really only about 10 miles out of my way.  New Braunfels is a speck of Germany right in the middle of Texas.  It was settled by a large grow of German immigrants in 1844-45; and has continued to attract German Germans ever since .

The real deciding factor for heading to Camping World was that, although I've been having limited use of my back-up camera, for a multitude of reasons, this morning the camera would not turn on at all.  Then I noticed that my chassis radio was not turning on.  Geeze!

I got into Camping World before noon, after  'interesting' guidance from my Google maps on my iPhone).  As I drove North on I-35, I noticed Camping World's big blue sign on my right.  Long story short I had to pass it, turn off and cross over the freeway, drive South about 2 miles, then turn off on the most convoluted set of instructions I've ever followed; finally, I got back onto I-35N and turned off BEFORE I could see the sign for CW.  The turnoff took me onto a frontage road that somehow wound around and ended up at the back of Camping World.

I took my trusty Evernote RV Maintenance lists with me and gave the service man, Paul, my list of working, not working, working again issues for the water heater, the back-up camera, the 'new' series of 12-volt batteries that work sometimes.  Of course, as usual, they're busy and had the entire afternoon booked; but, they'd be happy to 'take a look' at my issues and would be happy to give me a secure place to stay for the night.

If you haven't heard of Evernote, take a moment to check it out.  It's a free application that syncs my notes from my laptop, my iPad and my iPhone.  So, I no longer have those pesky little alps of paper I can never find when I need them

Lacy and I left after I'd signed the permission to work on the rig; we tooled around, not going too far afield because I really wan't sure I had enough brain cells available to go through that Google Maps  navigation again in one day!  We shared a Subway sandwich and I drank some juice.  Then we headed for Petsmart to renew Lacy's favorite dry food supply.  I love to take her into the Petsmart stores around the country; she always causes a stir with her friendliness, gentleness and manners.  I always introduce her as a "Petsmart Dog" because she went through obedience and "Clicker Tricks" training in Roseville when she was a puppy.  She's really retained lots of her training and loves to perform for people . . . Sit!  Stay!  Down!  Take a Bow! . . . And, folks are impressed that she wears a short leash just to follow the rules; she doesn't need it to heel, come, wait, etc.
Lacy hasn't actually mastered this one - yet.  I expect
that answeringme in English will come before this talent!
I headed back to Camping World at about 3:30-ish and met several very interesting people and a few dogs, too.  At about 4:30 Paul called me to his service desk to say they think they've fixed all my complaints.  But he was happy I agreed to stay here overnight because they'd like me to really give things a workout this evening and tomorrow morning - to hopefully have the issues really solved.

I have an electrical outlet, but no water or sewer.  I'm not concerned about those two because I emptied just before I left Seguin, and had filled the fresh water tank just a few days ago and didn't use any at River Shade.
I see these signs all over the place - in Texas, that is!
I have seen lots of Texas longhorns - just think how careful
they need to be when there's a crowd
Here they are again!
So, tonight's view is a little commercial and we know everything's bigger in Texas.
Service side of Camping World
Happy Tuesday Evening!


  1. Hi Mary Pat,

    I hope all the repairs were successful for you and that you feel better. Keep you spirits up, and trek on!

    1. Thanks, Peter. Fortunately, so far all is well with the repairs and my health. I feel like a new person - yay! And, I haven't gotten the bill for this work - yet. As for the back-up camera, Im hoping that Camping World in Roseville, CA, the folks who installed it, will pick up the tab. Oh, that may be another "discussion."

  2. It's nice that Camping World was able to fix your issues and give you a place to stay overnight with electricity. I don't hear a lot of good things about CW service, so this was nice. I have heard, though, that one reason to get service done at a CW is because if there's an issue down the road, another CW will honor the warranty and do the work to fix it. I hope this is the case for you. :)

    1. I have mixed emotions about CW. I have one "in my backyard" in Roseville, so I'm accustomed to using them. The service and ethical behavior seem to be different at each location. One of my issues was my backup camera, which I'd purchased and had installed at Camping World at home. This CW did not honor the warrant, etc., saying that the issue really had nothing to do with the camera system itself. I'll talk with them in Roseville when I get there. The "severed wires" may not have been done by CW but the camera has only worked sporadically since it was installed last June. We'll see how it goes. I didn't think the charges were exorbitant so I'll go from there. Lots of my little bothersome issues seem to be resolved - I'm generally happy.

  3. Well you sound like your old self. I have nothing but admiration for you going on the road all by yourself with your RV and a smarty car in tow.
    Wishing you all the fun you can stand. Take care and stay safe on the road.

    1. Thanks Julia. I do feel so much better. However, last evening I turned the light out at about 7:30 and woke up this morning at 6:30!!!! Lacy and Eleanor love that kind of sleeping but I'm shocked at myself. I haven't slept that long since I was a baby, I'm sure!

  4. Glad you're feeling better and hope you feel up to exploring a bit of the area before having to leave .... Texas Hill Country is unique... lots of history and interesting nature with lots of fun things to do!

    Yes... the Don't Mess With Texas is a litter campaign begun years back... I have a gay pal who thought it meant it was for him ... lol... poor ol Texas ...

    1. As I become more and more familiar with Texas, I like it more and more. I'll get a post off a little later; I'm in Fort Stockton and heading for Marfa tomorrow.