Friday, June 20, 2014

Wednesday . . . Late Posting

I published this post on Wednesday, but didn't check until today - it didn't publish.  Sorry for the delay . . .

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I’m getting settled here in Cottonwood and am discussing the possibility of using this as my [kind of] home base.  I have to keep the address of my house in Roseville to maintain my Kaiser membership for healthcare; Cottonwood is located too far from the closest Kaiser facility to qualify as a permanent residence.  I'm currently researching the plausibility of some upgrades to Jeff's property for RV use.  I'll update readers as I progress trough the process.  The Roseville house has renters who love it and want to stay for the foreseeable future; which makes my mobility much easier.  I don’t have any set plans for when or where I’ll venture next, but I certainly want the option to be able to pull the plugs and head out whenever I feel the urge.  A couple of thoughts are Pacific Northwest this Fall and Southwest next Winter - suggestions welcomed!

As I continually mention in this blog, summer in the Central Valley of California is HOT.  This first week at Jeff’s has been balmy by our standards, only in the mid- to upper-80s.  Today begins the rise with 94F expected – and hotter tomorrow.  Last evening my nephew, Gregg, electrician extraordinaire, came over and installed a 30-AMP outlet for me to plug into, making the use of the AC in Floribunda much easier.  As all fellow RVers are aware, these “metal boxes” can turn ambient 90F into over 100F inside!  The installation was easy, with knowledge and proper tools for the job; he did it in about 30 minutes.  However, my 30-AMP extension cord is not long enough, and I can’t find one here or in Redding; so, no luck for today.

I took this shot with my iPhone, while driving from Cottonwood to Redding yesterday.  It's a warning of what's to come . . . dry, hot, dangerous summer!

I’ll be driving south to the Sacramento area today for doctor and physical therapy appointments tomorrow morning; I’ll hopefully be able to find an extension cord at Home Depot or somewhere and get it back up here to have AC in Floribunda tomorrow afternoon.  I’m leaving Eleanor, kitty, in the rig, and will ask Malia and Samantha to check on her, from time to time, making sure she isn’t passing out from the heat later today.  I’ll take Lacy with me and we’ll stay at Bob and Judy’s tonight, where she can play with their four Chihuahuas and kitty.  It’s going to be just as hot there but I can park in the garage at Kaiser and leave Lacy there while I’m at my appointments.

Time to get moving so I won't be in the dreaded Sacramento commute later this afternoon.  I kid you not, I've been there, done that.  One of the greatest, if not the greatest, joys of retirement is the ability to avoid commute nightmares.

Have a great Wednesday!  

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Floribunda back in Operation . . .

I've been 8th Grade Graduation inundated.  Not too many grandmothers or grandfathers have 5 grand kids graduating from 8th grade in the same year!  And, it's not only the graduation ceremonies, but also Honor's Awards ceremonies and parties and . . .

I moved back into my RV on May 31st, about 5+ weeks after my knee surgery.  I can hardly believe how easy this recovery has been.  Other than a little soreness after exercise and some UGH during the flexibility exercises I've been doing 2-3 times a day, recovery has essentially been pain-free!  It's now 7+ weeks and at a recent physical therapy appointment the therapist announced that I've reached the flexibility goals for recovery.  Now, that doesn't mean I don't have more recovery to do.  Oh, no.  It's a major accomplishment because the flexibility component of recovery has some time limits for success.  She said I can still keep up with my exercises; but, I can also start on the road of recovering strength.  I feel sort of like I'm at a good and healthy weight for myself - but there's just so much FLAB from muscle atrophy and disuse syndrome!  Strength can be increased as I go along; there's no time limit (within age and ability limitations!) to get back into at least hiking, biking, walking, swimming, etc. shape.

Earlier this week I battened the hatches in Floribunda and hitched Petunia up behind and headed out of Judy and Bob's ranch / private RV park(!) about 175 north to my son's in Cottonwood; Jeff and Alice are the proud parents of my twin granddaughters, Malia and Samantha - the last two to graduate - yesterday.  Hooray or ???  I now have five grand kids who are all Freshmen i high school; is that a positive or a negative?  We'll see!  Actually,  I'm very proud of all of them - several honor students, great athletes, and good, healthy, friendly, caring and fun kids.

There's been so much going on all at the same time.  Samantha and I continue our respective quests to get right leg health back.  Sadly, Alice's 92- year old mom passed away; of course, it wasn't unexpected, but that's not to say it isn't a trying time for Alice and her siblings.  The Filipino traditions were in full force and boy, there are a lot of people who thought Soledad was a wonderful person.  She will be missed and is still loved dearly.

Bob and Judy were out driving around a few weeks ago and found a 2-acre ranch with "everything we want" to downsize and also get a newer house with a pool.  They made an offer and were accepted almost on the spot!  Then they put their place the I've taken so many photos of, on the market and it sold for fifty thousand dollars over the asking price in about ten days!  So, for me, I'll lose my wonderfully generous RV site in Loomis; however, they've shared that "there's one ready" for me at the new ranch in Granite Bay - only about four miles away - actually closer to town than the present ranch.

I don't have any plans to move onto new territories just yet.  I'm going to spend some quality time with Jeff and family and hope to make some improvements to my RV site on their property.  I'm sure you'll remember that this is HOT country.  Shade is a premium and I've asked my nephew, a licensed electrician, to install a 30-amp outlet for me to be able to get my AC working properly.  The last few days have been cool, only about 92-96F!

I only intended to jot a few thoughts today.  When I get graduation photos ready I'll post them.  Hope everybody is well and enjoying Summer wherever you are!

Tate, Avery, Malia and Samantha using my camera to take their own shots of the famous Sundial Bridge at Turtle Bay over the Sacramento River in Redding, CA - about 20 miles north of here.  I opted to stay home and write this post.
The Sundial Bridge was completed and opened in 2004 at a cost of about $23M. It's really gorgeous; be sure to take a very short detour off I-5 when heading north or south on I-5.  It's about one minute from the freeway and beautiful to behold.