I have always had pets.  I love all animals, especially dogs and cats.

When I was born, my parents had their second Wired-Hair Terrier, Snuffy II - He was my first dog.

As a child growing up on a small chicken and fruit ranch in Campbell, California I had several dogs and many cats.

Current Pets:
              Midnight Lace - Lacy - Standard Poodle - black - March 31, 2010
              Eleanor - rescue kitty - British Shorthair - gray - 2009? - adopted December 12, 2012
              Lincoln - rescue kitty - American shorthair - black and white - adopted December 12, 2012 - lost
                         November 2013 in Amarillo, Texas

work in progress - app acting up!
Lacy at Point Lacey, Petrified Forest
National Park
Lacy at Lacey Point, Petrified Forest Nat'l Park

Lacy at Lake Powell - Utah

Eleanor's dainty eating habits

Eleanor napping in Daphne Dolphin

Lincoln's interesting eating pose

Lincoln hanging out in Daphne Dolphin - Mexico

Lincoln - always interested in what's 'out there'

Lincoln helping with my knitting, but taking a break for a snack

Earlier photos - including Bella, my Shih Tzu who was hit by a car, in Antigua, Guatemala
Lacy and Bella (pronounced BA -YA) at home in Roseville
Bella sharing her bed with new sister Lacy

Bella and Lacy at home in Antigua, Guatemala, August 2012

 Dogs of my heart:
              Bella Maria - Shih Tzu - black and white - October 4, 2005 - November 4, 2012
              Patrick - Yorkshire Terrier - black and gold - March, 1996 - June 2004
              Molly Malone - Yorkshire Terrier - black, gold, gray - May 1984 - March, 1996
              Annie - Golden Retriever - 1983 - 1997
              Shannon - Golden Retriever - 1974 - 1982

Cats os my heart:
              Joe Bob - bobtail - feral - 1990s
              Misdemeanor - Misdy - Star-fire Persian - 1980s
              Khyber - Silver Tabby Himalayan - 1970s


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