I have always had pets.  I love all animals, especially dogs and cats.

When I was born, my parents had their second Wired-Hair Terrier, Snuffy II - He was my first dog.

As a child growing up on a small chicken and fruit ranch in Campbell, California I had several dogs and many cats.

Current Pets:
              Midnight Lace - Lacy - Standard Poodle - black - March 31, 2010
              Eleanor - rescue kitty - British Shorthair - gray - 2009? - adopted December 12, 2012
              Lincoln - rescue kitty - American shorthair - black and white - adopted December 12, 2012 - lost
                         November 2013 in Amarillo, Texas

 Lacy December 2017 in Christmas apron

Lacy at Point Lacey, Petrified Forest
National Park
Lacy at Lacey Point, Petrified Forest Nat'l Park

Lacy at Lake Powell - Utah

Eleanor's dainty eating habits

Eleanor napping in Daphne Dolphin

Lincoln's interesting eating pose

Lincoln hanging out in Daphne Dolphin - Mexico

Lincoln - always interested in what's 'out there'

Lincoln helping with my knitting, but taking a break for a snack

Earlier photos - including Bella, my Shih Tzu who was hit by a car, in Antigua, Guatemala
Lacy and Bella (pronounced BA -YA) at home in Roseville
Bella sharing her bed with new sister Lacy

Bella and Lacy at home in Antigua, Guatemala, August 2012

 Dogs of my heart:
              Bella Maria - Shih Tzu - black and white - October 4, 2005 - November 4, 2012
              Patrick - Yorkshire Terrier - black and gold - March, 1996 - June 2004
              Molly Malone - Yorkshire Terrier - black, gold, gray - May 1984 - March, 1996
              Annie - Golden Retriever - 1983 - 1997
              Shannon - Golden Retriever - 1974 - 1982
              Cindy - German Pulich Mix - 1959 - 1967

Cats of my heart:
              Eleanor (Roosevelt) - British Shorthair rescue 2012-2017
              Lincoln (Abraham) - black and white shorthair 2012 - 2013
              Joe Bob - bobtail - feral - 1990s
              Misdemeanor - Misdy - Star-fire Persian - 1980s
              Khyber - Silver Tabby Himalayan - 1970s


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