Thursday, August 30, 2018

Always Lots to Do to Get Ready!

These several days before departure on a new adventure are always full of last minute things to do and I always seem to want to get lots of things accomplished that could well be accomplished at another time.  It just feels good to take off knowing that all my ducks are in order!

Last week I noticed a light on the dashboard of my car informing me that I have a tire-pressure concern.  I've purchased new tires in the last few months so I was pretty sure it wasn't anything too serious.  But, this morning I decided I would drive to Costco and have them check it out - just in case.  One tire had lost about 3 pounds of pressure and that's all it was.  The Costco gentleman said it would be a wee bit early to rotate the tires but that if I'd like, they'd be happy to do it today.  So I decided it would be nice not to have to deal with it later and waited an hour or so until they had it done - definitely something that could have waited.  But now it's DONE!

I have this trip to the Holy Land and another adventure already paid for next February - a cruise in the Adriatic with visits to Croatia, Herzegovina, Bosnia and Montenegro.  So, of course, while I'm preparing for this trip I've also shopped for things I think I'll need (want) for the February adventure.  Definitely not necessary to prepare this far in advance, but what the heck, I'm on a roll!

When I'd made the commitments for these undertakings I also decided that I'm no longer going to pack for a two- or three-week trip as if I'm moving to China for the rest of my life and will never be able to purchase any necessities ever again!  I 'googled around' and found Travel Fashion Girl blog and have been following lots of her advice.

Travel Fashion Girl blog

I'm now dedicated to traveling with only carry-on luggage.  For this trip it will be one 22" x 14" x 9" bag and one Vera Bradley daytime backpack.  I got out the bag last week and started to 'pack' by rolling up each of the pieces of clothing I'd determined would work for the whole trip to Israel.  Then I placed them in the carry-on to see how full it was and what accommodations  was going to have to make.  Here's that first photo:

Okay, so this is a list of contents, so far:
1 blue print dress
1  black and cream skirt
1 black capri leggings
1 black long leggings
1 pair wine colored driving shoes
1 pair pewter flats
1 black dressy top - ¾ sleeves
1 black and white dressy tunic top - ¾ sleeves
1 white casual lace top - flutter sleeves
1 black and beige striped tee - elbow-length sleeves
1 black and white striped tee - ¾ sleeves
1 black and white polka dot tee - short sleeves
1 autumn oranges print tee - ¾ sleeves
1 red textured tee - short sleeves - summery
1 black textured tee - short sleeves - summery
2 night shirts
1 black swim suit
7 small neck scarves of various colors 
2 long scarves - flower prints
1 black baseball cap
3 pairs panties
2 bras
4 pairs peds (footies)

Not included in this list is what I'm wearing for the 10 ½ hour flight from San Jose to London and 5 hour flight to Tel Aviv:
-black cargo pants
-black cotton tee - ¾ sleeves
-black leather and fabric clogs
-black cotton ¾ length, long sleeves casual jacket

The bag is only about a third full!!!  And, I'm fully intending to re-review, maybe subtracting a few things that I won't absolutely need.  I'm going to Israel, not Mars, for Heaven's sake!  My friend, Cheryl, gave me some really super powdered laundry soap to spiff up a few things along the way and all my clothing pieces are washable and constructed of fabrics that dry quickly.

My healthcare and grooming necessities will go in my backpack, along with my passport, credit cards, money, tickets, iPhone and any reading materials that are not accessible on my iPhone:
I had thought about taking along a small knitting project, but have nixed that idea in deference to the desire to post on my blog during the trip.  I'm going to 'do everything electronic' on my iPhone so I'm studying before I leave to be able to attach photos to my posts - and still haven't quite gotten that figured out!  Four days to do so!

I'm excited.  Can you tell?

Monday, August 27, 2018

Getting Excited - Next Week: Holy Land Here I Come

A week from tomorrow, September 4th, Lisa and I will leave El Dorado Hills to drive to San Jose where we’ll meet our travel group for our flight from San Jose to Tel Aviv, Israel with a stopover at London’s Heathrow. I’m really beginning to get very excited.

I’m ‘practice-posting’ on my iPhone as I don’t plan to take a computer or iPad with me. I’m packing light - a carry-on bag and a small backpack for day use.

I’ve been reading a travel-packing guru’s blog posts with tons of information regarding packing tips and I’ve planned a wardrobe that is very maneuverable color- and style-wise. I’ll jot down comments as I go along to help remember what works and what doesn’t.

I’m also only going to be using my iPhone camera as I think it’s just as good as my digital camera and certainly a lot more convenient.

My travel partner, Lisa, is the daughter of my wonderful friend here in El Dorado Hills, Norma, who’s been on this exact tour twice. I’m thankful to her for introducing me to Lisa and am looking forward to lots of amazing experiences with her.

Okay, now I’m going to begin reading the book I was given by our tour leader so I’ll have some background knowledge when we land in Israel.

Follow along with us.