English - continuously studying grammar, composition and creative writing
              French - high school and 1988 - 1991 - studied in total immersion at Berlitz in San
                  Francisco and Villefranche, France - lived in France
              Spanish - 2006 -2008 and 2011 - present - lived in Guatemala two separate times, traveled
                  Mexico and South America

Cooking / Baking:  currently developing a blog dedicated to my cooking and baking experiences and recipes.  I want to leave family recipes for my grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Swimming - competitive: 
              Santa Clara Swim Club - 1953 - 1960
              Tamalpais Aquatic Masters - 1984 - 1999

Travel:  I've been to all Continents except Antarctica - it's still on my Bucket List

Knitting and Crocheting:  My mother taught me how to crochet when I was about 6.  I crocheted booties and hats for my pet cats and collars for my pet dogs.  As of June 2018 I spent a year crocheting five afghans for my five grandchildren who graduated from high school this year.  Belong to Worsted Women Knitting and Crocheting group that meets every Tuesday

Volunteer Work:
        Nursing and Healthcare Teaching:
              2018:  Planning committee of the Holy Trinity Parish Health Education Ministry
             "Rotoplast" [International Rotary Club] volunteer surgical trips
              Guatemala - healthcare teaching and first aid
       Teaching - knitting and crocheting:
              Guatemala - adults and children
        Certified Dog Therapy Team - certification 2017

Biology:  Study of Living Things - plants, animals - butterflies especially!

Religion:  Returned to practice of the faith of my childhood - Roman Catholicism - member
                 of Holy Trinity Catholic Church, El Dorado Hills, CA
        Bible Study:  Participate in two Bible Study groups at Holy Trinity

Reading and Writing:  El Dorado County Library Book Club - fascillatator
                                        Memoir Writing Group - meets once a week



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