Sunday, July 22, 2018

More Photos of Everett Dean Heimann

Here are a few more photos of Everett Dean Heimann

 Mom and Everett - one week old - professional photography

 All decked out for his first 4th of July

Holding his head up at seven weeks old!

 At 2 months old it appears that he's ready to join the swim team.  He loves his bath!

 Oh, it's so nice to be cooled off and clean, Mom.

Stay Tuned for More!!!


  1. Baby Everett is adorable. I have a great grand nephew named Everett also. He just came home from the Philippines from family vacation. Everett is six years old & he and family live in San Diego, CA.

  2. I'm heading to Arizona to meet Everett next week. I'm sure we'll pretty much stay indoors the whole time!


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