Monday, August 27, 2018

Getting Excited - Next Week: Holy Land Here I Come

A week from tomorrow, September 4th, Lisa and I will leave El Dorado Hills to drive to San Jose where we’ll meet our travel group for our flight from San Jose to Tel Aviv, Israel with a stopover at London’s Heathrow. I’m really beginning to get very excited.

I’m ‘practice-posting’ on my iPhone as I don’t plan to take a computer or iPad with me. I’m packing light - a carry-on bag and a small backpack for day use.

I’ve been reading a travel-packing guru’s blog posts with tons of information regarding packing tips and I’ve planned a wardrobe that is very maneuverable color- and style-wise. I’ll jot down comments as I go along to help remember what works and what doesn’t.

I’m also only going to be using my iPhone camera as I think it’s just as good as my digital camera and certainly a lot more convenient.

My travel partner, Lisa, is the daughter of my wonderful friend here in El Dorado Hills, Norma, who’s been on this exact tour twice. I’m thankful to her for introducing me to Lisa and am looking forward to lots of amazing experiences with her.

Okay, now I’m going to begin reading the book I was given by our tour leader so I’ll have some background knowledge when we land in Israel.

Follow along with us.


  1. Looking forward to "our" trip, Mary Pat!!! Have an amazing time.....we will be watching!!

  2. Thanks Nancy, you can be sure that, if I could, I'd take you and Doug with me! I'll try to post on my iPhone, at least a few of the highlights - I still need to figure out how to attach photos using only my phone! I have a few days!

  3. Hmmm your last location was in Atacama when you left to go back to California. What happened between then and now is missing. I see you're in El Dorado northeast of Sacramento. Are you still in RV or in a house, condo? Just curious.