Monday, March 4, 2019

Cruising the Adriatic

February 28, 2019

Well, our new adventure got off to a slow start. Sharon, Carol and I flew from Sacramento to SFO to board our long flight to Paris. At SFO we met Sharon’s daughter, Kim, who was joining us for the trip. 

But, oh my!  The flight was delayed five hours due to a repair issue on our plane. We knew early on that we would miss our Paris to Zagreb connection and that we were in for our first unexpected adventure! We let United Airlines know, at SFO, that United in Paris should be aware of our situation; upon our arrival in Paris, United representatives were exceedingly helpful in managing our dilemma. They put us on a flight to Frankfurt where we stayed overnight. Next morning we boarded a Croatian Airlines flight for the hour and fifteen minute flight to Zagreb. At our destination we were met by a representative of Overseas Adventure Travels (OAT), who drove us the about-three-hour distance to the coastal city of Zadar on the Adriatic Sea, where our ship was awaiting us. We were welcomed by the crew and our fellow passengers and our planned adventure began. 

The BV Athena is a lovely small ship with just about fifty passengers, who are amazingly catered to by a crew of about thirty. We are enjoying a leisurely and really lovely cruise along a portion of the Dalmatian Coast, with multiple stops in Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro, all formerly parts of the country of Yugoslavia, with a rich and complicated history dating back to the ancient Roman times, and before. The officers and management members of the crew are mostly Croatian, the service crew mostly Indonesian. 


  1. Great travel report. Keep it up.


  2. Wow, welcome back to the land of posting blogs LOL Looking forward to pictures of your travels and of coarse the blog itself. Safe travels.

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