Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Eve and Thanksgiving Day - Cozumel Style

November 26th and 27th

Cozumel, Days Four and Five

David and Spencer arrived this afternoon from their overnight stay at the Westin at the Dallas Fort Worth airport.  And, yes, they did deliver my shoe, safe and sound and none the worse for wear, or travel, I should say.  So, our group has increased to ten, a full house here at Residencia Reef.
Spencer, upon arrival, delivering my "lost" shoe
Kari and Jeff, along with one of Kari’s EPIC Tri clients, Amanda, did another very short workout this afternoon, a very windy day indeed.  As we move closer to the Ironman on Sunday, the weather may not be cooperating, as we’ve been hoping.  The wind today has been very strong and tomorrow’s forecast is for the same; today’s temperature only reached about 70F (21.1C), tomorrow we expect more wind, but warmer.  Sunday’s forecast, at this time, is partly cloudy with thunder, lightning, and possible rain.  Rain doesn’t bother the athletes for the swim or the run, but riding 112 miles on a bicycle can be really unpleasant in the rain.  We’ll just keep on praying for the Great Spirit to make the weather good for Sunday.  They’ve been doing a lot of training in California central valley heat and the Cozumel Caribbean water temp negates the need for a wetsuit; it’s just that bike ride that calls out for pleasant weather.  Oh, I’d add that the run could be unpleasant if the wind continues to be strong.

Alice, David and I, as "chief observers" are beginning to make our plans for where we want to be at various times during the race; covering so much territory makes the logistics of being in the right place at the right time for catching a glimpse of our athletes as they fly by in need of planning.  I continue to be impressed with just how tranquil the athletes seem to be; I’m guessing that Saturday might be a day of self-hypnosis for all the athletes - just getting into that zone they need to be in to even THINK about going the distance.  I love them both and only hope they’ll come through it unscathed and full of wondrous gratitude for the opportunity to accomplish this feat together.

The twins and the triplets are all here now and the attraction during the day is beach volleyball.  All five of them are volleyball players on high school teams, so they really get going with some good competition.  And, Alice is right in there with them; she’s a real sport, well actually, she’s a kid at heart.
Avery and Malia on the volleyball court (sand)
Tate (in foreground) and Malia ready for anything

This evening was my turn to make dinner, so we had a great lasagna made with Jeff’s spaghetti sauce from two nights ago with lots of ricotta, Monterey Jack and Parmesan - not a speck was left in the casserole at the end of dinner.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I have so much to be grateful for.  First, in this holiday season, I’m thankful for my three children, their spouses and significant others, and 8 wonderful grandchildren who are proudly carrying the torch into the next generation.  And, eleven months from now, we’ll welcome Landon into the family when he and my oldest granddaughter, Quinn, tie the knot in October 2015.  I’m a very lucky person. 

Thanksgiving Day, 2014 

Cozumel, Mexico

Yes, we’re preparing a close-to-authenic USA Thanksgiving dinner: roast turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, green beans, large salad - the works - maybe even a pumpkin pie, if we can find one at the store.  Otherwise, it's going to be Cozumel rum cake, not an all-bad replacement! I got up early and to get the bird in the oven in time to serve dinner about 1pm.  Jeff got the potatoes in to boil and mash (with a fork!), and Kari and I made dressings, without all the familiar spices. After that, Jeff and Kari left to get to race headquarters into town to register and receive their packets of information and numbers, etc.  Later this afternoon, they'll head back into retrieve their bikes that have been transported from UC Davis, where they delivered them two weeks ago.  They’ll ride their bikes ‘home’ to the condo and that will be their Thanksgiving workout, about a six-mile easy ride, taking them less than 30-minutes!  Oh, to be in that .  And, they want to be home in time to get a group to the sports bar in town that will be showing the 49er game, at 7pm our time.

Wishing you and yours a
very happy and healthy

Mary-Pat (AKA Mimi)


  1. What a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration. Good luck in the event.

    1. Thanks, George, today may begin the anticipation nerves for the athletes. Alice, David and I have started making decisions as to where best to position ourselves for watching our athletes as they whisk by us in the swim, the bike and the marathon.

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