Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tuesday in Cozumel

Oh, life in paradise. This morning I rolled out of bed really late for me (9 o’clock!), had a relaxing cup of coffee and met the “mujer de la casa," Genny (pronounced somewhat like Henny);” Genny comes with the condo contract and stays most of the day making sure that everything is in order and clean throughout our large abode.  She can also be asked to cook, although we haven’t felt the need - so far, that is.

After the leisurely coffee klatch, Kari, Jeff and I headed to the beach and went for a swim.  Or, rather, I should say that I paddled around inside the buoy line while they swam a short half-mile swim, just to keep those highly trained muscles warmed up and loose.  Although I consider myself a swimmer, I’ve never been really comfortable in “open water” because I can’t see the black line on the bottom of the pool!  But, at least I got in and learned the lay of the land, or sea in this case, and maybe swam a grand total of of sixty yards; now I’m feeling OK to swim by myself in the luxuriously warm and calm water.  Kari and Jeff estimate the water temperature is somewhere over 83F (around 28C).  We’re used to northern California beaches and water, in the neighborhood of a very chilly 53F (11.6C) with terrifically strong surf and current. The lovely, clean, white, sandy beach right outside our condo is strewn with lots of lounges for lazy reading / tanning days. The water is crystal clear and inviting; however, there’re some kelp-covered rocks in the shallow water to get over before one can begin to swim.  Swimming with goggles makes it easy to see tiny up to mid-sized fish darting around nibbling wonderful delicacies off the rocks and seaweed.

While the three of us were swimming, Alice took the four cousins for a walk down the beach to a spot where they could get “henna-ed,” on one foot; it’s supposed to last up to three weeks and they seem excited about their lovely designs, each one different.

Then we all piled into the rental car, eight of us, but that’s nothing compared to entire families riding on one moped!  The drive into town is only about six miles, parked the car and scouted out a real Mexican restaurant for a wonderfully flavorful lunch.

L to R:  Avery, Malia, Samantha, Tate - cousins forever!
Chicken tacos
Mexican style flank steak
Deliciously fresh fish tacos

Sauteed shrimp and vegetables
L to R:  Malia, Samantha (twins), Avery and Tate (triplets)

Kari helping the advertising campaign for the event next Sunday
 After lunch, really dinner, Alice and Kari took the girls out onto the beach-side shopping area, where they, with about a million other tourists, went from shop to shop to purchase the tchotchkes tourists always know they have to have and then don’t know what to do with when they get home!  Believe me, I know all about it, as I’ve done my fair share of feeding the economy in many countries around the world!

What’s so appealing to me about this adventure is how relaxed and non-stressed we all are, even those two very gung-ho triathletes we’re here to watch.  Brother and sister, Jeff and Kari, are both seasoned Ironmen, each will be competing in his/her fourth Ironman event.  And, we’ll also follow some clients of Kari who are members of her EPIC Tri Club.  [If you’re interested in finding out about EPIC, click Here

This evening we’ll roast some hot dogs and have a casual evening, maybe play some Charades, and hit the sack in preparation for another busy day tomorrow.

Just a couple of off-the-subject-notes:  When we got to the airport in Sacramento I found that my luggage was overweight, so I moved all my shoes to Avery's bag.  Then when we stayed overnight in Dallas, I took all my stuff out of her suitcase so she could get to her own clothes.  I guess I didn't get one brand new shoe back in, as it's still there in Dallas.  Fortunately, David and Spencer are staying in the same hotel tonight and will pick up my shoe for me!!!!

Mimi's one shoe in Mexico

And, lastly, I thought I'd include a photo of the newly blond ME!!!!!

Stay tuned - more to come!


  1. Wow I love the new "doo" Mary Pat!!!

    1. Thanks Betty. Kari talked me into it; she said it'd make me look 20 years younger!!! I'm waiting!
      Happy Thanksgiving, friends.

  2. Niza tenerte de nuevo en línea. (If it is wrong, blame Google's English to Spanish translation. lol I am glad you are having such a great time. Wonderful looking family you have there Mary-Pat. Looking forward to seeing you again. Looks like we are going from Florida to California, up to Alaska and then back to California before heading home. Son is graduating from Cal in May, which is bringing us back that way again before our trip north. --Dave (GoingRvWay.com)

    1. Oh, I hope you, Marcia and I can connect. I've loved getting to know you two. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  3. So much fun there you are having.
    Love fish tacos, one of our favorites.
    Like the new you, looking good.

    1. Thanks so much, George. Hoping you and Suzi enjoy our Usonian Thanksgiving, my Canadian friends!

  4. Lovely looking lasses, obviously your genes! You look excellent! Had to look up the meaning of tchotchkes, I wonder where that word found its origin??

    1. It's Hebrew/Yiddish, also spelled "chotzkies." Thanks for your comments - I love reading them, Peter.

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