Monday, April 11, 2016

Happy Birthday, Leo; April 11, 1905!

April 11, 2016 - Happy Birthday, Dad.  You'd be 111-years-old today!

Leo Francis Ryan, born April 11, 1905 to James Francis Ryan and Agnes (née Kuus) Ryan, the youngest, and only boy, in Meriden, Connecticut.  He spent 30 years in the military service - first Navy for four years, then Army for 26.

Thinking of my dad on this beautiful Spring day in Antigua, Guatemala.  I don't have access to many old, old photos to share; but, here are a few:

1943 - After nine years of marriage Mary-Patricia (Patsy) was welcomed
into the Ryan family on February
3rd.  This photo was taken sometime in the Spring of 1943.

Because I was born in the middle of WWII, Dad was gone for much of my infancy and early childhood.  My memories of him almost aways include his being in one of his uniforms.  And, even when he was in civilian clothes he was always impeccably dressed and groomed.  He was a serious person; however, I always felt so loved and cherished.

Wedding day, September 17, 1960 - Marilyn Turville, Dad, me, and
 Susan Votaw - heading into St. Justin's Catholic Church,
Santa Clara, California

At the time of my wedding in 1960, Dad was retired from the military.  He was unable to participate in the wedding rehearsal and I remember the night before the ceremony, he practiced the "cadence" of  the wedding march down the aisle - to make sure he would be in perfect step!  An introvert by nature, the whole wedding day was a challenge to his sensibilities, but he carried it off with love and it was a wonderful day!

Wedding Reception Left to right:
Brother Jim (16), Dad Leo, Mom Dorothy, me (17), John (almost 22), John's mom Doug, John's dad Spence,
John's sister-in-law Barb, John's brother Larry

Oh, how time flies.  Happy Birthday Dad, I love you.


  1. Such wonderful memories from so long ago.

  2. Beautiful, the whole blog. Thanks Mary Pat, and If I do not see you before, have a great Stateside trip.

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