Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Thinking About a Return to Blogging

November 16, 2016

A long time has passed without a single word from me.  I've been thinking about all my 'virtual' friends a lot lately; a few weeks ago I started thinking about jotting down some thoughts in blog-land.  Well, here goes:

I returned Monday from over 10 weeks in California, having finally had my second total knee replacement, this time the left.  Now I have two bionic knees and am happy as I can be with both of them. I flew to Sacramento on the 1st of September and had the surgery on the 13th.  Because I'd spent the last year being very diligent about my gym participation, I'd lost considerable weight and had built some really good muscle mass, making both the surgery and the recovery much easier than even I'd hoped.  I was in and out of the hospital in just over 24 hours and was up an walking right away (with a little protection help of a walker - I didn't like the idea of being bumped into!).  I even started walking outside my daughter's house in the second week; even made it to a restaurant or two that week too.

I was completely discharged from MD care about three weeks ago and spent the last two in California visiting friends and having fun. I so enjoyed seeing my grandchildren - the twins and triplets are all getting ready to turn 17!  That, in itself, is hard to believe.  All five of them are driving and going every which way from morning 'til night.
This is 5'7" Mimi with (from Left) Tate 6'3", Avery 6'1"
 and Spencer 6'5"

 The photo was taken in September on the occasion of Quinn's engagement brunch.  Yes, Quinn, who had the disastrous "left at the altar" episode in her life has found love again.  This time with Jordan, who will be welcomed into the family on April 29, 2017.  I'll leave that story for another day.  Suffice it to say we're thrilled and here they are:
Quinn and Jordan.  Quinn met Jordan a while after the disastrous
wedding call-off and he offered to be a friend!  Voila!
To Jordan's left is Quinn's dad David, very interested in the brunch
menu.  All this in Napa, California.
Jordan had asked David for Quinn's hand and then planned a whole weekend in the Wine Country.  He proposed in a vineyard (with photographer at the ready) and we surprised Quinn by arriving for the engagement brunch the next morning.  Fun, fun, fun!

More to come!


  1. Very very nice! We shall connect soon.

    1. Thanks David, let's make a play date for our girls - with clickers!

  2. Hi Mary-Pat,

    For me, and it seems for you, Blogging is a very good thing to do. Writing a Blog keeps us in touch with each other.

    And, another thing. Blogging causes the writer to think about what is important enough to share with readers. Thus bringing perspective to a Blogger's life!

    What could be better than that!


    PS: Your knee operation is fantastic! I am sooooo happy for you! 😎

    1. Hi George: Great to hear from you and yes, blogging does help put life into perspective. My bionic knees are very happy!

  3. Welcome back to Blogland! Good to hear that you are doing so well and have enjoyed lots of family time over the last 10 weeks.

    1. Now I need to get up to date with Kevin and Ruth's travels - you vagabonds!

  4. Welcome back to Blogging Mary-Pat! Glad to hear the knee operation went well.

  5. So glad your surgeries went well and thank you for returning to blog. I have this permanently on my list of reads. I was patient and thought about you the whole time :-)

  6. So good to hear from you, our friend!! Congrats all around!!

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