Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Pleonasm - Dictionary.com Word of the Day

Pleonasm:  \PLEE - uh - nah - uh m\
1)  the use of more words than necessary to express an idea; redundancy.
2)  an instance of this, as free gift  or try fact.

As the standard of mentality has risen, just so has the dictum of man gone forth that he must and will do his own thinking.  He no longer wishes to have thought iterated and reiterated and hammered upon him again and again.  Pleonasm is repellent to him.
-- Jack London, "Phenomena of Literary Evolution,"  The Bookman,  Volume XII, September 1900 - February 1901.

After having spent time with Jeff's family (Jeff, Alice, Malia and Samantha, almost 17) and Kari's family (Kari, David, Quinn (28), Addison (24), Holland (22), Avery, Tate and Spencer (17 next week)), I've been reminded that my texts, emails, blog posts, etc. are too WORDY.  Well!  My son-in-law, David, even tells me that he knows people who don't even read past the first two lines of an email! And, some people who don't read their emails at all!  Yikes!

Those of us from the generations who actually wrote letters to friends and relatives who didn't live within our telephone no-long-distance-zone thought we were ever so modern when we graduated (or lowered ourselves) to email.  Now, some people don't read it!

I've enjoyed having the time to study a bit more about my language, as well as Spanish and French; I've come full circle from thinking mine is the most reasonable language - to - mine is impossible to spell and pronounce - to - mine is a pretty great language after all.  I intend to keep up my enthusiasm and endeavor to better my grammar, spelling, punctuation and pronunciation - in Spanish, French, and especially English.

If I develop the ability to make my written word more fluid and pleasant to read, I fully intend to do so - even if I resort to 



  1. I missed you so much....I was also a bit worried. I am sooooo glad you are okay and relieved. Loved the post today!!! I had read about the cancelled wedding and the mother who give the meal to homeless people even before I read your post. It was incredibly heart breaking and heart warming. Yes, please keep in touch. I cannot wait to hear all about your life in Antigua.

  2. All the way up here in Canada this story has received a heart-warming round of applause. I heard it on my car radio on the way to work yesterday. the news feeds everywhere are always in need of a nice story.

    There just aren't enough words to capture how people feel about this incredibly generous gift by the Duane family. Hugs to you all, HUGE hugs to Quinn. This type of thing can just go so many different ways, with so many different endings and they took a difficult situation and made a difference in their community. Hats off to them all!!

    As always MP - so good to hear from you. Keep us up to date - We MISS you!!!

  3. I'm so happy to be back in touch. I love you guys, you know? I'll gradually get caught up on your blog, too. I'm off for the long, boring drive from Roseville to Cottonwood and Redding tomorrow. More to post soon.

  4. Saw on the news about the wedding cancellation, had NO IDEA that it was your granddaughter!!! And WOW, moving to Guatemala!!! How wonderful for you. Guess you won't have to put up with all this political blah blah blah over the next 13 months. We are in Citrus Heights for another 37 days from today...if you have time, let us know...but we totally understand if you don't. -- Dave and Marcia

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  6. I'm glad to see you blogging again. Maybe it will inspire me to start up again.

  7. Stopped by just by chance and found all your post in October! welcome back and look forward to more post from beautiful Antiqua.

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