Monday, October 26, 2015

Redding, California

I've spent today with my sister-in-law, Barb, helping her prepare for colon surgery tomorrow.  The pre-op prep is rather arduous.  Barb is 79 years old and has a little problem with 'recent memory' loss.  Her surgery was originally scheduled for last week, but had to be cancelled because she had forgotten to do the day-before prep.  So, along comes nurse Mary-Pat!  I accompanied her and her husband,
Fred, to her family doctor last Friday.  Dr. Dillon asked that I spend today with Barb to make sure that the pre-op preparation is done properly.

I arrived here at 7:45 this morning, and have been badgering Barb ever since to make sure that all steps of the prep are carried out per the doctor's orders.  It's safe to say that I'm not very popular with Barb right now; she may even think I'm a sadist!!!  We have about 2 more hours of Barb drinking a nasty-tasting large volume of fluids; then, she can try to get some sleep before her early-morning wake up alarm.

Barb is the widow of my ex-husband's brother, who died many years ago at a very young age.  It was Barb and Fred who first introduced me to RV-ing.  They've been long-time RV-ers, beginning with a Eurovan, a Chalet, and now a Jayco Grayhawk.  Most of their RV-ing has been in the western states and Mexico; even though they aren't any longer taking long trips, they still head from Redding to the California coast several times a year, often to escape the heat of this area in the hot months, which can be from late March into November!  Thankfully, today was mild, the thermometer not even reaching 80F.  Yippee!

Just dug out this photo of Barb (right) with her best
friend, Ann, at a Halloween party we went to last
Great-grandson, Daniel, giving G.G.
(great grandma) a kiss this afternoon
Great Granddaughter, Dakota, 11 ½ months - absolutely
adorable and such a happy little girl.  Mom Kristi and
dad, Doug (my grand-nephew) are
expecting baby #3 in about 3 weeks.  It's another
girl; her name will be Shay.

And finally, I dug out this old photo of my daughter,
Kari and her first three kids with Mimi (that's me!).
The photo was taken about 20 years ago.  Quinn was
about 8, Addison 3 ½ and Holland about 11
months.  Quinn is close to 28, Addison almost 24, and
will be 22 in April.


  1. Love the old pictures so many great memories.

    1. I love old photos - especially the kids as they change almost before my eyes.

  2. It seems it's hot year around here in Phoenix. We get about a month or two of cooler temps in winter. Lovely photos of family.

    1. Yes, my friend, Fred, just returned to his home to the West of Phoenix a couple of weeks ago after having been gone for over a year. He tries to escape the heat, but it seems there's a very small window of really mild weather. I'm just tired of hot dry weather and having to live indoors or boil!

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