Sunday, October 25, 2015

Tehama County, California

Spending time with my son, Jeff, and his beautiful family in Cottonwood, California, about 150 miles north of Sacramento.  Although the main reasons for my trip to California were to attend the wedding of my oldest granddaughter, Quinn, and divest myself of the majority of my worldly possessions in order to become a truly "free spirit," I'm currently spending a lot of time with my sister-in-law, Barb, and her partner, Fred.

Barbara has been diagnosed with a colon mass and will have surgery this coming Tuesday.  I'm helping both of them with this immediate preoperative period and will stay with them for a few days when she's discharged from the hospital.  I happy to be able to use my nursing skills to help them through this difficult and confusing time.  I've known Barb since I was 16-years old; she more like the sister I never had than a sister-in-law; now, as a 79-year old, she can use some help with her medical care as it's very confusing to her - and Fred.

I'm sure I've mentioned before in this blog about the extreme heat in this, the uppermost part of California's San Joaquin Valley.  Summers are becoming just way too long and unbearable for me; thank goodness, the temperature is now in the upper 70s and low 80s, and dry - very comfortable without having to use air conditioning with all doors and windows closed!

A few photos to share . . .
Quinn "enjoying" her honeymoon with Mom in Belize
More on that later!  God has a great design for her.
Ours is to find out what it is!  She is just as beautiful on
the inside as on the outside.
Lovely daughter, Kari, enjoying some shade on the beach
in Belize.  She's a Rock of Gibraltar for her family.

Sunset yesterday after a wonderfully mild 78F in Cottonwood.
Jeff and family have a small "ranch" so no nearby neighbors to interrupt
the quiet and serenity.

This may be the last photo I'll have of my adventuring RVs and Smart Car.
I've loved traveling and meeting all my RV-adventuring friends; but, now
it's time to go on to other types of adventures.


  1. Hope you blog about your new adventures, go for it !

    1. Thanks George. Yes, life is just one big adventure. My original reason for starting the blog was to let my kids and grandkids know where I was and what I was doing. I realized fairly rapidly that my kids and grandkids DIDN'T READ MY POSTS! So, when I wasn't traveling all the time I just stopped posting. Recently a new friend in Antigua told me I should resume posting and archiving my posts because my grandkids may not be interested now, but will someday. So, here I go!!!

  2. Wow, what a life change - I wish you well...

  3. Joe and I will always have the sweet memories of the few days we had with you. What little we got to know about you tells us why your daughter and granddaughter have such courage, strength and grace. They got it from their momma and grandma. We too, hope you continue your blog so we can learn about your Belize. Many hugs to you.

    1. Thanks, dear friends. Every time I think about my trip around the US, I remember the knock on my RV door while I was visiting the Portland, Oregon area. When I opened the door, there you were, with Joe sitting in the car!!! And, I instantly had friends for life! Stay in touch and I'll be reading your blog also!