Wednesday, November 16, 2016

PLEONASM - Word of the Day 11/16/16

Pleonasm:  \PLEE - uh - nah - uh m\
1)  the use of more words than necessary to express an idea; redundancy.
2)  an instance of this, as free gift  or try fact.

As the standard of mentality has risen, just so has the dictum of man gone forth that he must and will do his own thinking.  He no longer wishes to have thought iterated and reiterated and hammered upon him again and again.  Pleonasm is repellent to him.
-- Jack London, "Phenomena of Literary Evolution,"  The Bookman,  Volume XII, September 1900 - February 1901.

After having spent time with Jeff's family (Jeff, Alice, Malia and Samantha, almost 17) and Kari's family (Kari, David, Quinn (28), Addison (24), Holland (22), Avery, Tate and Spencer (17 next week)), I've been reminded that my texts, emails, blog posts, etc. are too WORDY.  Well!  My son-in-law, David, even tells me that he knows people who don't even read past the first two lines of an email! And, some people who don't read their emails at all!  Yikes!

Those of us from the generations who actually wrote letters to friends and relatives who didn't live within our telephone no-long-distance-zone thought we were ever so modern when we graduated (or lowered ourselves) to email.  Now, some people don't read it!

I've enjoyed having the time to study a bit more about my language, as well as Spanish and French; I've come full circle from thinking mine is the most reasonable language - to - mine is impossible to spell and pronounce - to - mine is a pretty great language after all.  I intend to keep up my enthusiasm and endeavor to better my grammar, spelling, punctuation and pronunciation - in Spanish, French, and especially English.

If I develop the ability to make my written word more fluid and pleasant to read, I fully intend to do so - even if I resort to 



  1. Lol! Loved this post as I spent countless hours writing letters as a young person and even when my children were young. XO

    1. Yes, I wish the grandkids would have some more experience with actually writing in complete sentences - and more than one sentence at a time!

  2. Hard to write a blog in two sentences. Check, with our trip to Alaska earlier this year it was hard to express it all as it was. Wish we would have known you were Sacramento area in September...we left there in mid September. Glad your knees are all better now.

    1. Thanks Dave and Marcia - sorry I missed you in Sacramento. Next time, okay? Minus the surgery of course!

  3. Hi Mary-Pat,

    You enjoy messing with words! That is a very good thing to enjoy when Blogging! 😀 When I Blog, I try hard to keep it short. How long an attention span do most Readers have? Your Blog seems to go along with that idea.


    PS: I am sooooo very happy to hear of your successful "second total knee replacement!"


    1. I enjoy words and putting them together, sometimes with more thought than other times. Blogging does need to be a little "to the point" but I do like to go on, and on at times!

  4. Nice to hear from you again, We have young relatives that do not read their emails as well anymore or even answer their phones, text only.. sad..

  5. Hi George: Thanks for the check in. Talk soon! Where are you?

  6. I have to ask my kids for interpretation i.e. BTW, LOL etc. They have a whole new language I don't understand and sometimes figure it out wrong!! I get no letters just text and short emails filled with the new language...sheesh!!