Thursday, November 17, 2016

Received the link to a very interesting blog post this morning and thought I'd share it.  I, like many, was distraught over the recent presidential campaign and election.  Now it's time to come to grips with WHAT IS and move forward.

Maybe you'll enjoy this article / post too.

Seven Ways to Create a Positive Path Forward after This Election

The day before the election I was doing some last minute shopping in the great Roseville Mall (knowing I'd not see the likes of it upon my return to Guatemala); it was just a day before the election and I saw, in a gift-store window, the perfect present for my cousin Linda in Antigua.  It was a pair of "Hillary" socks.  I walked into the store and found that the pair in the window was the last pair; the sales lady was happy to climb into the window display to get them for me.  $13 later I had the socks in hand an couldn't wait to give them to Linda upon my return.  Well, yesterday I did give them to her and I thought she was going to cry, which she says she's done a lot of since November 8th.  Finally, she said, "I will wear them to bed since there won't be an inauguration party for this girl."


  1. I too was devastated over campaign and election...still can't believe it. I have a Hillary nut cracker that I got from her last campaign but this year I saw no Hillary items in stores...people were snatching them up. I have yet to find a book about her. If I find it, it will be treasured.

    1. Hi Rita:
      So nice to hear from you after my long absence from posting; unfortunately not a happy post or comment. but, we have to believe in democracy - it's the best there is I believe - and we'll live through this - I hope!

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