Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day 2014

Oh, yes, Happy Mother's Day to all mothers  old and young.  I hope all of your have had a fabulous day, Mother's Day 2014.  What a nice Mother's Day weekend I've had. Life in my daughter's household is always busy but this weekend was wonderful.  My granddaughter, Quinn, and her new fiancé arrived late Thursday night after having fought the traffic  getting out of the San Jose / Santa Clara area up through the nightly Sacramento commute  traffic and east to El Dorado Hills.

On Friday and Saturday a "wedding planning" contingent went out to visit potential venues for Quinn and Landon's wedding in October 2015. For those who haven't gone through the wedding planning process, it's quite an involved experience.  David and Kari have 6 children; Quinn is only the first to be married.  So, David and Kari have spent a considerable amount of time discussing how they'll handle the wedding planning for all their children.  In order to be fair, they've come up with what they're willing to spend for each wedding celebration.  They've also let the kids know that their monetary gift can be used for the wedding itself or for other necessities the newly-weds might have.  And, like many activities in a large family, each of their children knows that s/he will be responsible for any monies spent over and above the agreed-upon amount.  Quinn and Landon have tentatively decided on a location for the nuptials and reception; now they entered into the "let-the-information-sink-in" phase; for when they make a commitment they'll need to make a 20% deposit for the venue to be saved for their use on their special day.

Also occurring this weekend was the arrival of a dear family friend from Ohio.  I hadn't seen Lisa for about five years; she's a lovely young woman who graduated from college last June and is now a healthcare advisor in a large hospital in Cleveland.  So, she was included in the wedding talk that's been going on all weekend.

Today, Kari and I were inundated with wonderful cards and wishes celebrating our special day.  We all went out to lunch this afternoon, 10 of us, and enjoyed a delicious repast  at a beautiful indoor/outdoor restaurant, The Yard House in Roseville.  After lunch we went to the Roseville Mall for a little sopping en masse; I didn't hear one complaint from any of the three men accompanying us.
Quinn bought a dress she'll wear for her engagement party in June.  Kari bought some stylish active wear.  She lives in exercise togs - why not have a few really classy outfits?

It was my first excursion out and walking any distance since my surgery; I have to say it was very enjoyable - however, just a little tiring.  I headed straight to my bedroom to lie flat and rest my weary knee and leg; it was all worth it!

I spoke with Jeff and Alice and loved all the wonderful sentiments they shared with this mom.  I also received a beautiful animated card from Spencer in Brussels.  The day has been perfect.

Here's a Mother's Day poem I found; it's certainly an accurate wish for my daughter an daughter-in-law.  They are very precious to me:


  1. It sounds like a wonderful day Mary-Pat! And thrilled to hear you are walking a bit. Glad you didn't overdo it.

    1. Hi Betty:
      I'm definitely on the downside of the recovery process and realize that the process hasn't been nearly as bad as I'd anticipated. Thanks for your good wishes.

  2. Happy mother's day. I was reading 'Travel with Kevin and Ruth' blog...they are celebrating their 30th anniversary. Now I'm reading about Quinn's wedding exciting it must be for her and the entire family. BTW I had a couple of surgeries on my left not a knee replacement but torn ligaments, the main one. then I fell hard on that knee on wet slick road crossing the street and re injured the knee. The knee is fine now but a tad weak and it stays puffed up like it's swollen and no matter how much I ice it, the swelling or puffiness never goes away. I see people staring at my knee occasionally...they probably wonder what happened to my knee LOL. I still wear Bermuda shorts. What causes the knee puffiness?

    1. Ligament trauma is truly a difficult injury to recover from. My brother has had three repair operations for the same. The nurse in me wants to suggest that you use the icing religiously as long as there's noticeable swelling (puffiness). Often people forget that the most successful icing include that you lie flat on your back while icing. As the ice does its work on the irritated tissues, when you remain flat on your back, the level of your knee should be below the level of your heart. In that way, your heart can more easily pump restorative circulation to the knee area, essentially bathing the area in oxygenated blood - carrying away the toxins and blood needing to be re-oxygenated.
      Puffiness / swelling always indicate irritation and need for relief. Hope this helps

  3. And you deserved every one of the memorable moments. Sounds like a perfect day!!

  4. So nice to Celebrate Mother's Day with family and friends, sound like you had an awesome time.

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