Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Rehab and "Old" RV Friends

I haven't been writing many posts because it would be redundant to a great extent.  I'm still in my daughter's house in beautiful El Dorado Hills, about 20 miles East of Sacramento off I-50.  I continue to progress in my rehab  from Total Knee Arthroplasty, 4 weeks ago.  Everyday, I walk here in the neighborhood and I drive Petunia Smart car almost every day; although I notice that I get tired pretty rapidly.  Petunia doesn't have cruise control so I have to keep my right foot on the gas / brake pedals.  It's not difficult, but tiring.  So, for the time being, I think my auto adventures will be shorter than 20 miles or so.

Life in my daughter's family is busy, to say the least.  David and Kari are both actively involved in all their children's lives.  Currently there are only four kids at home; but, the activity level is incredible.  The triplets are coming to the end of their education in a Charter School 20 miles from home.  So there's the activity of getting them there and back every day.  Holland (20) is working as a nanny for a young family consisting of four boys under the age of five.  David and Kari manage an unbelievable schedule of family activities, as well as their own work and her EPIC Tri  - triathlon club - she is the co-founder.  David is one of the most actively-involved husbands and fathers you're likely to come across; he's simply fantastic.  They share all house and children activity equally. And, then there's her personal training that goes on throughout her busy life - she's an "Ironman" several times over.

One of the greatest 'perks' of the RV lifestyle and writing a blog is that I meet so many wonderful people, who often become good friends.  Last summer, while I was in Oregon, I met RV-lifers and bloggers extraordinaire, Dave and Marcia, of Going RVway.  They came to visit me at my campsite at Crater Lake.
What a gorgeous landmark!
Dave and Marcia Summer 2013 at Crater Lake

If you're not familiar with Dave and Marcia's recent trials and tribulations, do check out their blog for details of their year so far.
Dave's parents and family members live here in the Sacramento area and they're here visiting; so we're going to meet for lunch tomorrow in Roseville.  I'm looking forward to it and hope to have some nice photos to share afterwards.

Have a great day!


  1. Keep that rehab going soon you be good as new!

  2. I'm glad you're feeling better - have a great visit with Dave and Marcia!

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  4. I enjoy reading Dave and Marcia's blog, too! Please know I'm praying that you'll be healed, completely and quickly. Blessings, Lynn

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