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Herzlia / Nazareth / Cana / Tiberias

Friday, September 7, 3018

With a bit of a sleep over, we leave for Nazareth, the site of Mary’s home and the town where Jesus played as a child, learned a trade, and grew to manhood. We will have Mass in the Church of the Annunciation, and an opportunity to visit sites in the city. We will then travel to Cana, where Jesus performed His first miracle at the request of his mother [John 2:1-11]. There we will visit the Franciscan chapel for a renewal of wedding vows. Then we continue on to our hotel on the shores of the Sea of Galilee in the city of Tiberias for rest, dinner, and a relaxing evening. (B, D)

Above is a copy of our itinerary for today that was given before we began this adventure. The first time I read it, about five months ago, it didn’t really mean much. I just couldn’t wrap my brain around actually being in the Holy Land. Now, here I am!

Last night both Lisa, my travel partner, and I went to bed quite early to try to make up for all those time zones we flew over - we’re ten hours ahead of California.  Well, after a full night’s slept my alarm sounded at 6 and I decided to just catch a few more winks. GADS!  Next thing I knew it was an hour and a half later!  Lisa was gone and I was sure I’d missed the bus!  I rushed like crazy as I couldn’t recall exactly what time we were supposed to be ready. As I scurried towards the reception area I didn’t meet any of my traveling companions, so I was definitely sure I’d be spending the whole day alone!  When I got to reception I noticed one person from our group. "Has the group left?," I questioned. "No, you still have time for a cup of coffee."  Phew!  I’d made it!

So, after a cup of super strong Mediterranean coffee (must have about triple the caffeine I’m accustomed to!) I jumped on the bus for the short ride to Nazareth, Mary’s home. Nazareth of course was a small village; many of its inhabitants lived in hillside caves. Now it’s a city of about 76,000 residents, 70% of whom are Muslim and about 30% Christian. 

First we visited the site of the cave where the Angel appeared to Mary to announce that she would become the Mother of Jesus. Our guide explained much about how incredible that would have been at that time in the history of the world. There is now a beautiful church at the site. 

Going to close this post. Trying to figure out how to attach photos. Stay tuned!!!

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