Sunday, February 9, 2014

Finishing Out My Cajun Adventure, Cajun Style

Sadly, I'm winding down my stay at Betty's RV Park in Abbeville.  I'll be heading out next Wednesday to begin the westward journey back to California.  I'm going to take my time and enjoy the trip.  First, I think I'm going to head down the gulf coast of Texas to take in some new to me scenery before I hitch back on to I-10 and environs for most of the trip.  There are certainly lots of things I didn't catch on my westward jaunt when I returned to the US from Mexico last April and May.

This sojourn in Louisiana has been a wonderful introduction to Cajun Country, culture, language, food, and music.  Last night we had a L-O-N-G Happy Hour with a visit from two good ole' boys and some really good Cajun music.

Friday evening, Toogie Bergeron and his friend, Lane, serenaded and played for us for about two hours in our not-so-large Happy Hour room.  They played lots of Cajun specialties and also some great Country and Western.  Several couples danced, sharing about 10 square feet of space.  Toogie said, "The more you dance, the better we play!"

Saturday . . .
It's still cold, just a little warmer today - about 41 degrees now at 11am.  I'm lounging around in my flannel pajamas, enjoying another good book, some computer tonic and a nice slow entry into the day.  The RV park is loaded to the gunnels - 17 sites occupied.  Serious Mardi Gras celebrators are making their way here for the yearly festivities that go on from January 6th until the beginning of Lent.
This year the actual Mardi Gras will be on March 6th but the decorations are going up all over and even Wal-mart has all their bling for sale.  I bought lots of hats, necklaces, masks, etc. and am making "care packages" for my grandchildren - lots of them!

Sunday Morning . . .
Yesterday afternoon, Louisiana Marvin and I took Petunia and headed to Eunice, LA to meet our "Betty's Friends," Jay and Vicki, Jim, and Wayne and Sharon for dinner at Ruby's Restaurant. 

A lovely and large restaurant / night club with patio dining when it's warm enough
Lots of decorations up for Mardi Gras
Jim (Louisiana), Wayne and Sharon (Iowa)
Vicki and Jay (Washington)
After a great American / Cajun steak dinner we walked a short half block to a really old-style theater / auditorium for more Cajun music . . .
The message says, "Sorry, there was an error processing your video."
Well, friends, I'm working on it!  I've taken some great videos the last few days and just can't figure out why I can't get them into my blog . . . any suggestions would be appreciated.  I've some from my Sony Cyber Shot and some from my iPhone and they appear to be uploading but will not play.
I'll keep at it so maybe some Cajun music will come your way shortly!


  1. It sounds like you are having a great time with your RVs friends and the food looks good too. I love that you call your car Petunia and a cute petunia it is. It must be heaven to find a parking spot for petunia.

    So you will not stay for Mardi Gras Celebrations. I bet the place will be jam packed. I'm not very fond of big crowds any more. When I was young, I like crowds. I guess, I'm slowly getting old.

    Looking forward to reading about your new adventures on your westbound journey back to california.

    1. Hi Julia:
      I would have loved to be here at Betty's for Mardi Gras; but I spent a Mardi Gras week in New Orleans once and that was enough for me. It's amazing how these people love it though.
      I just arranged today to meet up with my good friends, Doug and Nancy, who I met at Hacienda Contreras in Valle de Juarez, Jalisco, Mexico last year, at Sam Houston State Park in Lake Charles. I'd stayed there on the way here; so another visit - with good friends in the mix - will make the leaving from Betty's a little less sad.

  2. Have a safe journey west. Wish I could help with the movie issue, sorry. Maybe upload them first to Utube and then from there insert them into the blog? Just an idea.

    Cheers, Peter.

    1. I actually brought up my video uploading issue at the pot luck tonight and several others got involved and we decided to have a little meeting tomorrow afternoon; each one volunteering help where we can and taking notes where we need help. So, I may get the uploading information I need.

  3. Thanks for letting us 'stay-at-homes' have another taste of Cajun Country. It goes down especially well in a landscape of snow and freezing rain.

    1. Well, it's been really surprising to me how cold this Cajun Country can be. I'd held the mistaken notion that the southeast park of the US was warm in winter - NOT! However, that said, today was glorious - about 68 degrees and sunshine all afternoon. I had to turn the fan on in the rig as I was baking cookies to take to the pot luck. I'll probably head back to Oregon late this coming Summer - to pick up where I left off last year!

  4. Sorry to say, I'm flying out of Houston on Wednesday for a one week visit with some of my grandkids in Chicago. We'll have to try for a meet up some other time.

    1. Have fun with those grandkids - they grow up so fast. It seems like only a year ago I had all kinds of kids in diapers - now they're in business, teaching school, getting ready for high school and studying in Europe!!!

  5. Check into the GTG in the Rio Grande Valley ... they seem to be having a pretty good time! I enjoyed your stay at Betty's ;)

  6. Hi Carolyn:
    I bet you would have loved it here too. I just know you're a party girl at heart and would be one of the leaders of this pack. I've learned that we refer to ourselves as having fallen into "Betty's Web."

  7. I just read on Betty's blog that you are sick. Sure hope you are feeling better today. If our mail arrives, we will be able to leave here today and head to Betty's.