Sunday, February 16, 2014

Tamra's Correction: I'm a "wuss" . . . not a "woos."

A girlfriend I met in Antigua, Tamra, jotted off an email suggesting that I take it really slowly getting back into full speed ahead move.
and she corrected my spelling of wuss; I'l spelled it woos.  Anyway, you get the picture - this thing is really knocking me for a loop.

Here I am in the middle of the night of my eighth day with this crappy flu / cold.  I woke up this morning, sopping wet - I was elated.  It appeared that the fever and body aches were a thing of the past.  I don't know if I mentioned but I've always sported a different immune system.  I tend to come up with all the symptoms of whatever the disease is; but no fever.  But, the tried and trusted end of the worst part of an illness (head sitting on top of my body but held in place by a horrible vice.  And I don't know why whomever is in charge of my illnesses can get so many pieces of Brillo to roughen- up the top several layers of skiing all over my body.  Anyway, all that was gone so I rushed to brush my teeth, wash my face and get dressed for this glorious sunshine this morning and walk right across the road to Doug and Nancy's Euri to have coffee - they were leaving later today.

I felt coherent and only coughed about 20 times during our visit.  We did get a lot of catching up done.  The last I'd seen of them before this park was in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.    Running Away With Doug and Nancy  about ten months ago .  Truly delightful  people who spend summers in British Colombia - Nanaimo.
Skyline of Nanaimo.

After an hour or so of great conversation, they needed to get ready to head out and I needed to get a shower and shampoo.  I went the shower room, literally about 50 steps from my rig, to take a good shower and wash my hair; then came back to Floribunda to be ready for photo taking by Doug.  If you check their blog you'll see Nancy and me.  I'll probably see them late this summer when I can get back on the road again and head north once more - hopefully this time I can actually get across the US to the East Coast and from there, who knows?

Another interesting discovery, at least to me, is that there's laundry room with three washers and three dyers that we can use for FREE!  How's that for hospitality.  The camp was packed over the weekend but today by noon, there were only about 3 campers in the whole place.

Well, as the day progressed and became even more lovely, I started getting all the old symptoms again; so I just don't know when this marathon will hit the finish line.  Hope all  of you are doing better than me.  All I have to say is theses Wet Ones, etc. a a long sight better than not washing your hands at all; but good old soap and water and scrubbing action are MUCH more effective.  These viruses are relatively was to avoid - mainly by diligent hand washing.  The hand sanitizes are making our population resistant to antibiotics when we real need them.  A simple scrub does the trick - better that just about anything.

My girlfriend I met in Antigua, Tamra, jotted off an email suggesting that I take it really slowly getting back into full speed ahead; I guess that's what I'm being reminded of with this little relpse late today.


  1. Oh Mary-Pat, you really got zapped good with that flu virus. Just imagine what it would do to someone with a compromized immune system.
    I'm glad that you could get out for a bit of normal. Your friend Tamra is right. Take it slow.You may be like me and run on two speed only. Slow or Fast.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery. Maybe some herbal Echinacea might boost your immune system.

    Healing Hugs,

  2. ....and we thought it was okay, leaving you to your own devices!! Sorry you still aren't feeling much better but that's how these "bugs" go sometimes!! Just take it easy and stay put until you feel better, like you need to feel better for a whole day - no relapses!!

    Really enjoyed our time with you - it was just too short!!

    Love & Hugs - N/D

  3. Mary Pat I agree with your friends, the set backs in some of our friends back in Portland has been as bad or worse than the first time. They got busy too soon instead of taking it easy and getting lots of rest. You are in our prayers.

  4. What a bummer, but I'm glad you had a little respite to visit and shower and feel better for a little bit.

    I have a sinus infection right now, but so far I'm doing well. Horrible overnight when I'm laying down and trying to sleep, but after a little nasal saline lavage and some Sudafed this morning I was much better. Hoping tonight won't be too bad. NiQuill (?) for me. :)

  5. Hope you feel better real soon Mary-Pat. Take care. --Dave