Saturday, June 15, 2013

Old and New Photos

Read Desert Diva's blog today - it was actually written by Cali.  So Lacy commented on it and here are a couple of photos of Lacy's family, past and present:

This photo was taken in our living room in the house we rented in Antigua, Guatemala.  It would have been absolutely perfect except shortly after this photo was taken Bella, the little black and white fluff ball was hit by a car and died.  We are still devastated by the loss.

But, life goes on - Eleanor, a steel gray British Shorthair and Lincoln, a shorthair cat cat, joined Lacy and Mom in December 2012, just in time to take off for Mexico in our Toyota Dolphin

 Here's Eleanor in her two favorite places in the RV - on the stove and next to the refrigerator

And here's the photo again of RV travel - kitty style.  The minute the motor revs, both cats climb onto Mom's lap for the whole trip!

In between trips Lincoln gets into things, like yarn, and loves to explore inside and out - and has never been lost - YET!

Mom often keeps a leash on Lincoln so she can encourage him to return inside sometimes when he doesn't 'hear her call.'  When he's inside he also likes to just lounge around

Oh, these are just a few photos of a nice young man in Valle de Juarez.  He's quite popular with the RV ladies!  Actually they just like to look at him and take pictures.  He's 'famous' because every year he plays the role of Jesus of Nazareth during Semana Santa

Here he is on his horse just before the beginning of the Children's Spring Parade.  Oh, yeah, the kids were adorable - too!

And here he is on Palm Sunday in Jesus' triumphant entrance to Jerusalem - just five days before Good Friday

These kitty and puppy photos are especially for Cali.  The Jesus actor photos are for all the ladies!


  1. Cali says *WOOF* (that means thank you) for all the pictures. Your fur babies are all wonderful - and I'm so very sorry about Bella (she's so cute).

    Wow, that guy is SO CUTE. I might have a "spiritual awakening" if I got to see him in person! '-(

    I'd love to see pictures of your RV - do you have some to "take us on a tour?"

  2. Love that the cats sit on your lap while you drive. Our Caeli, a doxie sits on Colin's lap also, refuses to sit on me.

    A tragic ending to Bella's life. She looks so sweet. I'm sure all your pets have the best of everything and lots of love.

    1. Thanks - yes, the loss of Bella has been terrible. I remember a journalist asking Rose Kennedy how she had been able to tolerate all the sadness and tragedy in her life. Her response was, "Oh, but just think of all the happiness I've had." That's how I try to remember all my pets when it's time for them to leave me. But it's hard nevertheless.

  3. Praise the Lord!! That's a nice horse too. Did anyone notice the horse? Your pets look well loved.

    1. Yeah, I thought people would like me to share him!!!!!