Saturday, June 8, 2013

Triplets on the Loose!

I haven't blogged for a couple of days because I'm 'baby-sitting' for my triplet grandchildren for 6 days!
Shouldn't be too hard should it?  After all, they're 13 years old.  NOT!  The triplets are Spencer(m), Tate(f) and Avery(f).  These are the fourth, fifth and sixth kids for my daughter, Kari.  She's also the mom of the university and high school graduates I've been talking about lately!

Yesterday was the triplets last day of 7th grade so I got up at 6 to get myself ready before waking them at 6:45 and 'coaching' them in the preparation process.  Yikes!  For you parents out there that means, I'm not supposed to have to DO anything for them, just make sure they're ready to be driven at 7:15.  Well, first off, Tate remembered that she had to be a school early because she was a presenter for their 'beginning of the day' program, whatever that is!  So that meant they had 20 minutes from eyelids open to the time they'd be in the car.  So, no chores got completed and believe me when I saw their rooms when I got home from driving them I #!(*%^#*&^5$#@)(***&^%?/}#.  They attend a Charter School that's located about 15 miles from their home in El Dorado Hills - so they need to be driven every day to and from school and activities.

The last day of school was a fun day, followed for the girls, by a trip to Sun Splash for the afternoon and a slumber party.  So I went back to the school at 11:20 to pick only Spencer up.  I brought him home and made lunch - they love Mimi lunches and think they're special - Well I guess they are as normally they'd have hurriedly made-sandwiches, etc.  Spencer had homemade spaghetti and garlic bread and a salad to boot!  Then I was to take him to a near-by Country Club for an all afternoon pool party with two friends who were to meet him there.  My daughter had said they could walk back and forth,  "Mom, you don't have to drive them everywhere."  Well, it was 105 degrees so I drove him and told him I'd be back to pick him up in three hours.

I had to return to my house in Roseville - 20 miles from here - to check on the cats, who were just fine; although I think they were missing Lacy and me!  It seems that when nobody is at home, Eleanor ventures outside the bedroom, but never outside the house.  Lincoln is a man of the world, coming and going at will throughout the day and night.  I got to the house and back to pick up Spencer at the right time.  However, he said he'd checked with his mom (in Florida) and she'd told him, "If it's okay with Mimi, you can invite your friends to go to a movie and sleep over."  So, we left the Club with five boys - boy is the conversation interesting between them.  Hmmm!  Well, I thought, I can just stretch out the chicken piccata, baked potato, tomato-cucumbe salad dinner for all the boys.  Oh no, they weren't hungry.  They just snack for dinner.   So my lovely dinner went back in the refrigerator and they pigged out on chips, dip, pizza bites, etc.  Then they wanted to go to a movie, "The Purge."  I checked and found that it was R-rated so I had each boy check with his parents - all could go.  I drove them and picked them up and delivered two boys to their respective homes

Spencer and two of the five boys stayed overnight in Spencer's room; I asked the group to clean it up before leaving today for their next activity - a group ticket to go to a motor cross show.  Thank goodness my granddaughter, Holland and her boyfriend took them.  They're gone and all the boys are going to sleep at another boy's house tonight.  The 'cleanup' accomplished is, in my opinion, a joke - I'll have Spencer do the whole job himself tomorrow!  Okay, enough of the boys.

I picked up the triplet girls this afternoon - and three of their friends who will be here the rest of the day and for overnight too.  They've asked if they can 'camp out' on the backyard trampoline - okay with me!

We've just completed a "Chopped TV Food Challenge," in which I drove them to the supermarket to buy the ingredients for each team (two teams) plus one girl agreed to be the second judge with me.  After each team had their supplies I bought mystery ingredients they had to incorporate into their creations.  The creations were to be a dessert and the mystery ingredients I supplied were:  macadamia nuts, crushed Fritos, avocado, a Pirouette cookie, a carrot and cilantro.

Well, they 'cheated' a little because they couldn't think of how to incorporate things like Fritos and avocado into a dessert so each team made an appetizer and a dessert.  Anna and I agreed on who the winning team was, even though we cautioned them that they really needed to incorporate all the mystery ingredients next time.  We had a lot of fun and enjoyed white turkey chili with lots of condiments for dinner.

Now I'm relaxing with my computer before we tackle the kitchen cleanup - YUCK.  Oh, I forgot to mention, it's currently 109 degrees in El Dorado Hills - and the electricity just went off!  May be an interesting night!

My daughter, Kari, and her husband, David, are in Key West Florida where six members of my daughter's Triathlon club competed in a swim race around the Florida Keys - a 12- mile swim.  All her team members finished the complete swim, but the times were slow due to weather conditions in the entire area.

I need electricity!!!!  It's getting really really really hot in here!