Saturday, June 1, 2013

Home Base - Roseville

I'm back home for a while.  OMG!  So much to do!  This little house is only 1250 square feet and looks and feels overwhelming after life in my 20-foot Daphne.  Where to start ....

First of all, I've really pretty much decided to rent the house for a year or so.  That means there's much to be done to prepare.  I've moved so much in my life; it's a process I shutter to even THINK about it.
Okay, MP, here's where we go into "One foot in front of the other" mode.  Start someplace and move forward.  I'll be making computer, iPhone and paper lists galore; maybe if I'm really smart I'll integrate them into one location.  Hmmm.  I've been making lists in Excel all during my adventuring in reference to things needed / wanted for the RV.  Hey, I think the thing to do is use that Excel workbook for ALL LISTS.  Yeah!  One decision made.  More later......

11:30 Saturday 6/1/13

As of now it looks like I'll have to put off plans for the big RV trip around the Country and Canada for at least a couple of months.  I've got my integrated list started in Excel and I'm putting one foot in front of the other.  Holland's graduation is past; now I can start to concentrate on everything else.  Oh, yes, next week I'll be guardian-ing [I hesitate to say 'babysit' 'cause they're all bigger than me!] the triplets while David and Kari head to Florida for Kari's Tri team's participation in the swim around the Florida Keyes- a 16-mile swim.  I'll be taking over for the triplets last three days of school for this year; then they're on to Eighth Grade in September.

I'll be continuing to plan, work and prepare my house to rent.  But, I absolutely refuse to give myself a lot a time pressure.  I'm retired.  My goal is to ENJOY the process of life - whatever it is at the moment and what comes up on the horizon.

Oh, and I need to wish Quinn happiness in her new house - she's moving from a one-bedroom apartment to a two bedroom place San Jose, CA.

7:00PM  Just went to see "42," the story of Jackie Robinson.  It was great and brought back wonderful memories - my dad was a die-hard Yanks fan.  I started cheering for the Dodgers at about the age of 7 or 8; I'd like to think I was asserting myself - NOT.  It was just fun to watch the World Series every year and 'legally' argue with Dad!  Remember all those Yankies vs Dodgers World Series?

Just a thought - where would we be with 'all white' sports right now?  Hmmm!


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  2. I had to delete my prior posts...too many wrong words. I had stated...take your time to get ready to hit the road, it will be there tomorrow waiting for you. Enjoy being nanny to grandkids...they grow up too fast.

  3. Good advice, Rita. This morning I'm working on budget - keeping. Ruth and Kevin are so good at it. i'm really concentrating on being thorough.
    I'm finding that I've been really really overspending - NEEDS TO STOP!!!
    You're right too - stuff is just STUFF. Why can't I keep that straight in my head?

  4. Our 978 sq ft home always seems so huge to us after living in the RV all winter. We use to have a 5600 sq ft house. Loco!

    Take your time with this transition and be sure to stop and smell the roses. NO stress, just be happy.

    1. Hi Contessa:
      Yes, one of my favorite things about retirement is that I can stop and smell the roses. I do have to keep reminding myself of that. So far, I'm enjoying simply putting things in order in the house - trying to get rid of more STUFF. I do love sleeping in my wonderful bed -wish I could carry it in my RV. Then, I think life would be PERFECT!

      I'm thinking my 1250 square foot 'retirement' home is just too big for my own good!

  5. Thanks, Mary-Pat. I keep a log of October blog subjects I'd like to explore. I've just added a new one. "Need to stop buying STUFF." I think there's a story there. Only problem is, the wife is my chief proofreader. She'll probably delete most of the good ideas.

    Anyway, good luck with that.

  6. I've been 'putting away' the purchases from Mexico - I just don't need them! Even gifts I was thinking would be so appropriate for grandkids no longer seem right. What a waste of money! Just like dieting, the secret for me is to simply RECORD what I spend (eat) to realize how dangerous my habits (spending and eating) are!