Friday, June 21, 2013

Got a late start on blogging today

I was all set this morning to get lots of stuff done in the house.  Well, my wonderful friend Judy, needed 'help' in picking out side tables for her new bedroom furniture.  They'd bought a really massive style sleigh bed and all the other pieces of furniture, just to find that they'd have to really juggle pieces and forget about symmetry to get the bed and two night stands on one wall.  So, of course, I was happy to drive out to their ranch in Loomis to get a feel for the room and situation.
Then we went to a local huge furniture store where Judy had purchased the set - and, after walking about 6 miles (it felt like that anyway) throughout the store we found matching end tables that will be perfect in her bedroom.  Mission accomplished.

However, my best-laid plans for today went by the wayside.  Oh, well, tomorrow's another day - right?

And, I'm only mentioning because I don't want to get too antsy about it; but, I'm going to look at a new(er) RV tomorrow morning that's being sold by a private party.  I'm not going to say much now because I may have to retract everything after seeing it; but it does sound good.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed, my good thoughts in place, my resolution to follow my gut, etc, etc.  So, more will be revealed!

Just a short but loud CONGRATULATIONS to my friends, Kevin and Ruth, who just won a trip to Namibia, Africa - they're camp managing this Summer in Saskatchewan - but will be excited and ready to head to Africa in November.  The facebook contest couldn't have been won by better people.  Hooray for them!


  1. I hope the new RV that you're looking at works out - keep us all posted! :-)