Monday, June 3, 2013

Interested in Geography?!

12 Noon

I started receiving a newsletter about the subject of Geography about two years ago and find it very interesting and informative.  I thought I'd post the link  if any readers may share the same interest.  There's a spot on the home page where one can sign up for the news letter.  Matt Rosenberg is a professional geographer and his email news letter as one email I look forward to each time.  Today's reminded the reader the the National Hurricane season began  this past Saturday.   For my Roseville, California inland 'home base' it's not much of an issue, but given all the climate changes and weather anomalies we're experiencing in general, I've wanted to become more knowledgeable about the subject.

And, reading about geography can become a time-consuming past-time.  I start reading the highlights of his newsletter; then I start hitting reference websites, then I'm off and running - trying to learn everything possible on each subject!

In the last few years I've finally admitted that I have absolutely no sense of direction.  Man-oh-man, if the sun's not shining or it's night time, I have no idea what direction is what.  Thank heavens, in California we have changes in terrain to help guide lost souls like me.  I do know that the Pacific Ocean is to the West - no matter where I am in California!  But inland California has tall mountains on all edges of the great San Joaquin Valley so I have to be careful to not 'assume' that that particular mountain is definitely to the East!!


Just received an update on "my" volcano in Guatemala.   El Fuego has been a continually active volcano.  During my 18-month stay in Antigua I could easily see El Fuego every day from both houses I lived in.  It was a part of my morning ritual to take a look (and lots of photos) of smoke shooting up into the air.  Two times during my stay it actually erupted, sending up flames and spewing lava for several days each time.  Since leaving in November it has continued to be very active - check out this raw video taken a couple of months ago ....

Volcanos, earthquakes, floods, etc. are commonplace in Guatemala - I learned a lot living there - and from Matt Rosenberg too.

Antigua, Guatemala is located at an altitude of about 6000 feet above sea level - so it is possible to look out to the distance through clouds.  This is a quiet El Fuego (the peak at the left behind the cloud).  The photo was taken in the late afternoon - a time of the day when El Fuego was often very quiet.

The photo below was taken early in the morning - and it was very common to see El Fuego letting off smoke and steam

Both photos were taken out my bedroom window.  This was my wake-up view.

If you haven't already visited, Guatemala is a wonderful experience for the adventurer.  Unfortunately it's not the easiest to navigate in an RV as the highways and roads leave lots to be desired in terms of potholes, alternate routes, etc.  It's a very poor country; but the people are gentile, kind and caring.  I loved my time there and can say that I have friends who I'll never forget.


  1. With the advancement of GPS and smart phone technology, sense of direction or map reading ability is not important anymore. But I still do like to have map for backup. Things like equipment malfunction or dead battery might happen in the worse of time.
    GPS could put you on a wrong or nonexisting road. I never heard of it showing the wrong direction. With the map and GPS hand in hand, any Rvers, good or bad sense of direction, would all enjoy the experience.

  2. Yes, I agree. My iPhone is fantastic but it didn't work in Mexico so I depended on maps. I had a Garmin, but some how it disappeared while I was in Guatemala. I may get one if I buy a new rig. I have found that the GPS sometimes doesn't take me the most efficient route.
    Example: the lady at the KOA campground told my friend and I that Walmart was 3 miles away. My friend drove using her GPS and it was closer to 10 miles - we did get there but a little circuitously!
    One good thing about here - the sun shines almost every day [it's 101 dgrees right now!] so I usually know what direction is what fairly well!

  3. I started receiving these notices yesterday. Great stuff! More than it seems on the surface.

    Virtual hugs,

    Judie <-- Sierra Vista, Arizona

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