Saturday, June 1, 2013

Post Graduation

9AM  June 1, 2013

As far as Mimi (that's me) is concerned, Holland's graduation went off without a hitch.  My sweet Holland Isley Duane is a high school graduate - on her way to an exciting and promising life.

The table decoration for Holland's graduation dinner that was served at 4:30 in the afternoon - because she had to leave for the ceremony at 5:45 and would be going directly to the 'all-night sober graduation party' from the ceremony.  The blue orchid table decoration is in honor of Holland's beautiful blue eyes - she's my only grandchild, out of 8, with blue eyes!
Kari, her mom, and I prepared exactly what Holland had requested for the menu:

Sushi trays - a whole variety of favorites
Chinese Chicken Salad
Strawberry Shortcake

How's that for individual taste?

Mom, Kari, Holland (partially dressed as graduate) and Dad, David
They are one TALL family

From L to R:  'Little Sam' (Holland's uncle), Betsy (grandma), Holland, Mimi and 
'Big' Sam (grandpa) - Grandpa Sam and Grandma Betsy are retired high school teachers.  Uncle Sammy took his dad's job when he retired and now is Basketball Coach Sam at Corona High School in Tempe, Arizona

Holland has been very active in her church and groups associated with it and she's decided to accept entrance into a Bible study abroad group in Germany.  She'll be leaving in September for Germany [I can't remember the name of the city!!!] for a six month course with students from around the globe.  The Bible study concentration will be Old Testament.  But, as with her 2 older sister-predecessors, she must have saved $3000 by Summer's end - so she'll be hostessing at Mimi's, a chain restaurant located close to home.  Lots of hours of work ahead for this young lady.

I just LOVE this lady.
Happy Graduation, "Hubba"


  1. Looks like she had a great time and what a beautiful family.


  2. You have a lovely family, kids and grans.

  3. What great pictures, MP! Holland sounds like a very driven young lady. Congrats to her!!

  4. Hi Nancy:
    Believe it or not, Holland is the LEAST DRIVEN in the family but that doesn't mean she isn't driven - if you get what I mean. Kari, her mom, is a whirlwind and comes from a family of 'driven' people so what am I to expect?
    Fortunately for me, I'm learning every single day, how important it is to stop and smell the roses. Better late than never, right?