Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Should Posts Be a Mish-Mash of Subject Material?

I've found that when I publish more than one post in a day, the earlier of the entries gets NO COMMENTS.  I love comments and encourage them everyday.  So I'm now thinking maybe MISH-MASH posts are the way to go.

1)  This is from "Seasons of Grace" blog I follow.  I'm giving the link to the blog because when I found
      the video on YouTube it's in Dutch . . . I love coming upon this type of GOOD NEWS . . .

      Holland's Got Talent, 9-year-old diva sings Ave Maria Link  This is a must listen in my

2)  I absolutely appreciate the work that went in to the "Truths For Mature Humans" that I read this
     morning . . . Am I Going Places

3)  Education / Entertainment . . . I'm an Internet junkie.  I could easily spend most of the day surfing
     around - reading and learning interesting tidbits at my own speed and interest level.  Here are some
     of things I'm pursuing currently:
             a)  English Grammar and Vocabulary . . . Daily Writing Tips I started reading their emails
                  and decided to get their exercises, too.  It's a daily study.
             b)  Geography . . .  Matt Rosenberg . . . Boy, does he know his Geography.  I receive a
                   weekly email and also do some of the quizzes
             c)  Fountain Pens . . . Brad Goulet . . .  I'm renewing my love of fountain pens and am, once
                  again, beginning to keep a personal journal . . . just for me!
             d)  Language Study . . . Benny Lewis . . . I started following Benny, the Irish polyglot, when I
                  was in Guatemala  studying Spanish.  Now I just like to keep up to date with his 'conquests.'
                   I do still study Spanish by reading books in Spanish and memorizing new vocabulary,
                   mainly verbs.   I've also renewed my interest in French now that I'm in Cajun Country.
             e)  Animal World . . . The Featured Creature.  I don't remember how I found this blog but I
                  reading her posts on creatures of the animal world.  I don't quite get her pictures of herself -
                  I guess it's advertising!
              f)  Starting to use Enotes to organize all the post-it notes of my life - I can sync my computer,
                   iPad and iPhone.  It's great so far . . . shopping lists, to do lists, vocabulary lists, gift idea

Okay, so that's enough of a mish-mash for one day.  I hope everybody has a good day and a warmer day also - Happy Wednesday from Abbeville, Louisiana!
These good ole boys rock!

A little cooler right now!


  1. Great post! I'm going to check the links after golf today with my daughter in Seal Beach. I'm using Duolingo to work on my Spanish.

    1. ¡Nosotros podremos hablar en español más tarde! (We will be able to speak in Spanish later!)

  2. I like it--though it makes me a little tired to think of doing all that in one day. I'm trying to finish three different stories this month. That's enough for me. Fortunately, I have a wife who keeps me aimed in what she assures me is the right direction, so I don't need to read more than a couple blogs a day. Anyway, it's been good fun revisiting Cajun Country with you. Man, I miss the great crawdad feeds. Keep it up.

    1. Hi Gil:
      Nice to hear from you. Hope the new year is treating you well.

  3. Thanks for mentioning my blog, Mary-Pat ;) ...

    I haven't really tried to grow my blog ... I type as I think and talk … it's confusing to some… LOL? I jump here and there ~ attention span of a gnat … I've had some, semi-complain … I say ~ I write to please myself and it just tickles the todo out of me if someone likes it…. my posts are too long … my posts have too many subjects to comment on … I need to go back to my husband … and so forth…

    I have only told one commenter to buzz off … he was praying for me way tooooo hard to go back to my husband and I was just the worst sinnerwoman in the entire universe… hilarious at first but then he got reeeeally carried away … he left ~ I had some readers tell him to buzz off way before I did… that was nice.

    one of my readers, Julia... joined a group... can't remember what it was but she really enjoyed it... lemme google

    ah... this sounds familiar ... not quite sure if this is it ... ...

    sounds like it ... I'll ask Julia ~ she is sooooo busy right now. She is a farmer plus chief cook and bottle washer... busy, fun lady. Petals and Wood ... she lives in Canada, a very sweet sweet caring person. she's been with me from the beginning!

    anyway... I began blogging to just get my thoughts out of my head! I had absolutely no idea anyone would ever read my stuff much less comment! I've been blogging for 2.5 years and really enjoy it.

    It's always so much fun to go back and read what I was thinking or doing a couple of years ago. I wish I had known about blogging years ago!

    I've checked out several of your links and will check out the rest.... always fun to learn!

    1. Hi Carolyn:
      I've read Julia's blog - from yours - and like it too. I knew from the start that you are a very creative person and that your brain is always ON. I enjoy whatever you decide to put in there each day, so keep it up.
      As for husbands, I have no idea how anybody could tell anybody else what to do about
      marriage. I have no suggestions for you or anybody else! Personally, I think the only time I might say something would be if there were violence involved in a relationship.
      I have some other videos to put in my blog sometime soon; stay tuned!

  4. I was wonder what you use to keep your rig warm in this cold weather. Also, does your son Spencer have a blog?

    1. HI Rita:
      No, Spencer doesn't write blog - at least that I know of! But, his life is pretty interesting so he should!
      As for keeping warm: here, in the RV park I try to use my little electric heater as much as possible to save on LP gas; but on these really cold mornings, I've turned on the gas heater just to get the worst of the chill out of here; then use the electric space heater the rest of the time.
      Today, hallelujah, the sun is out and it's already in the low 60s! I have the door open to get some fresh air in here.

  5. Mish-mash.......did not like. Sorry.

    1. Hi Nancy:
      Thanks for the input. When I stay a long time in one spot there are days when I don't have anything specific to talk about. Maybe I'll organize some subjects and put them out, singly, on some of those days.

  6. You know MP, you have made this park and surrounding area look so good that we will be trying to make it a stop on our tour. Thanks for such good write ups!!

    As always....miss you!!

  7. Nancy:
    THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU TWO. You'd love it. Betty Bernard, the owner, is much like Sal and Barb. She's always on top of activities and parties and tours and fun. The daily happy hour is really fun. I came to stay two weeks and extended to six. I'd probably stay longer if I were to come back. Lots of people have been coming here for years and years. A couple from Québec are on their 12th year.
    Make sure you contact her first though; I have to leave on the 1st of February because she has the place completely filled up at that time and needs my space. It's Betty's RV Park, Abbeville, Louisiana.

  8. I like to read whatever you post MP. Keep 'em coming. Your adventures make me want to go RVing when I retire. 6.5 more years!

    1. Hi Brenda:
      I am so happy with this lifestyle. While I was still working, I bought a house in Roseville, intending it to be for retirement. It's only 20 miles away from my daughter's family and it was right next to my office. Well, during the two years I worked I didn't meet hardly any neighbors or friends, other than those through work. Then I left for Guatemala the day after I retired and when I returned I was really a foreigner in my own neighborhood. I was happy but spent lots of time alone.
      Now, I meet new 'friends' almost every single day. I am in process of paring down my worldly goods and don't miss anything, except people. As a new year goal, I've started an account for saving for air travel from wherever I am; so, I feel like I can fly home or to visit friends if I'm not close enough to drive conveniently.
      I tell Lacy and Eleanor that we live in the same house but just have new yards and neighborhoods!

    2. Love it. That would be the hard part away from the family and all but then you would probably welcome "ride alongs" from the family which would be more interesting topics. I looked up where you are, south of 10 and west of 90.

    3. Yup, that's where. I'll probably have some great stories and photos posted soon. Tomorrow we're going to a Cajun Accordion Factory; I'm told it's more like a history and musical tour. Can't wait!