Friday, May 31, 2013

Holland's Graduation from High School


May 31, 2013 - High School Graduation Day for Holland Isley Duane, my third granddaughter, in El Dorado Hills, California, about 20 miles from my house.  Yeah!  No big travel day for this celebration!

Holland is kind, loving, giving, spiritual.  She's also very beautiful outside - to match her wonderful interior self.  Last Summer she visited me in Guatemala; what a fantastic time we had and I enjoyed every minute of special time with Holland alone.  It's sometimes difficult to get one on one time with my grandchildren as there are so many of them!  I will always remember the week we had in Antigua.

Here are some photos ....

One of the main reasons I spent so much time in Guatemala was volunteering in several venues involving children.  Holland and I spent a day at Nuestros Ahijados, The God Child Project, in their hospital for malnourished infants and children.  Just like all who meet her, these patients fell madly in love with Holland.  To give you an idea of the severity of the conditions of poverty in this central American country, the little boy in her right arm (red sleeves) is 7-years old!  He's been a patient in the hospital for almost a year at the time of the photo.  The other little guy is four. 

This little girl is almost three years old.  Unfortunately many of these disastrously ill children will have residual developmental issues throughout their lives.  However, they are happy, loved and loving.  Most, if not all, do NOT come from uncaring families.  With extreme poverty comes malnutrition and most of these children are brought to Casa Jackson (hospital) by their own families for help.  They remain as inpatients until they've achieved a certain percentile of the Guatemalan infant / child growth  chart.  Holland is wearing a face mask to protect the kids' compromised immune systems; they are used to the 'masked' visitors and flock to them for play and loving.

Go to my facebook page for more pictures of Holland as she is today on HER day.  I will share more about Guatemala and my experiences there.  For now, 'cause I'm busy preparing Holland's Graduation Dinner, I'll direct those who may be interested to

Here are a couple more photos of Holland in Guatemala:

Holland loved the tuk-tuks and our driver asked if she'd like a picture - he took it!  It's a bumpy ride on the cobblestone streets, but fun and a lot easier than walking long distances

Two little girls at one of the God-Child Project schools fell head over heels in love with Holland - and she with them too.  Through safety, education, healthcare, protection and love these children are the hope for the future.



  1. What a beautiful young lady. Her spirit reminds me just of YOU!! Enjoy your day with her!!

  2. I admire our youth who have the gumption to do volunteer work. I've done quite a few and so have my children. It's very rewarding to do volunteer work. Holland is a beautiful young lady....congrats & happy graduation to her.