Monday, December 9, 2013

The Quinn Post Followup

After I posted about Quinn this morning, I received this video from a nurse friend of mine, who was there when Quinn was born.  It's almost ten minutes long; but the message for recent college graduates is good for everybody .....
Graduation address to college students


  1. "All Together" was such a sweet and touching movie. Jane Fonda looked great. We know she has had a lot of “work” done on herself, but she still looks well.

    I could have sworn that Guy Bedos playing Jean was the same guy who played Chief Inspector Charles LaRousse Dreyfus in some Pink Panther films. Turns out I was wrong. Herbert Lom played that part.

    Speaking of French cinema. Did you ever see The Man on the Train?

    1. Nope, not yet, but I'll look for it. I'm enjoying the French films; one reason is that I can revamp my hearing so it starts to come back. Boy, am I rusty.

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