Sunday, December 15, 2013

Welcome to Louisiana .....

We had an enjoyable 140-mile drive today from Livingston, Texas southeast through Beaumont and  into Louisiana, ending at Sam Houston Jones State Park outside of Lake Charles.


Louisiana Visitors Center

Picnic area behind the Visitors Center - check the signs:  No Swimming and Beware of Snakes

 Yup, this is Louisiana

And, it's also the Gulf Coast - lots of oil refineries

About 8 miles north of Lake Charles (population 70,000) is Sam Houston Jones State Park.  The park was originally named in honor of Texan Sam Houston who traveled extensively in this area; but was later renamed for the 46th governor of Louisiana from 1940-1944, Sam Houston Jones.
The caretakers of this 1,087 acre park have worked diligently to keep the land in its natural state; therefore, abundant wildlife inhabits the whole area.  There are tree-filled lagoons and a mixed pine and hardwood forest that combine to create a unique natural environment.

Louisiana Governor Sam Houston Jones, 1940-1944

As we drove into the park at about 2 this afternoon I felt we were entering an almost alien environment.  I'm looking forward to exploring the park more thoroughly tomorrow, but as Lacy and I walked around late this afternoon, I was thrilled with all that we saw.

 All settled in our new yard - what a beautiful landscape

These deer were right outside my dinette window - I counted 11 but only got these in the photo because they were starting to scatter.  The trees around the RV are filled with very dark-colored squirrels that scurry around on the ground and then quickly run up the trunk of a tree and start a circus act of hopping (almost flying) from tree to tree
 This is the West Fork of the Calcasieu River.  It's about 220 miles long and works to drain the forests and bayous, ultimately delivering the water to the Gulf of Mexico, which is only a few miles south of the park.  This shot was taken about 50 yards from where Floribunda and Petunia are parked
This photo was taken only a few feet away from the coach.  The scenery is incredible - and so different for this California girl
Love these tree trunks

We're settled in for the night and are looking forward to continuing adventures tomorrow.  Good Night, Folks.


  1. Hi Mary-Pat, If you are spending time in Florida I'll bet you would enjoy this place:
    We followed Pat and Cindy back from Baja years ago (via their Blog) but didn't catch up with them until Yellowstone where they were work camping. They are an amazing couple. They bought this struggling four unit motel with four RV spaces a few years ago and have transformed it into a little jewel.

    1. Thanks so much for the tip. I'll definitely check it out.

  2. Looks amazing, MP!! I can hardly wait to see it all and we will be using your noes as a guide!!!

  3. When are you planning to leave? Jerry and Paula just arrived at Hacienda - I'm homesick!

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