Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Few Fun Family Fotos . . .

I’ve collected a few photos in the last couple of months that I’d like to share . . .

First of all, here's a pic of Kari visiting Grandpater Spence, who unfortunately fell and fractured his hip on February 25th.  This photo was taken on March 4th in the rehab facility.  Spence was 99 in November and is sharp as a tack.  He'll be returning home after his rehabilitation.

Outr family is never complete without photos of our pets.  This is Eleanor (Roosevelt) in February


This is Ginger Duane with a new hairdo

And, of course, this is Midnight Lace (Lacy) - travel partner extraordinaire

This is a photo I posted a couple of months ago - Quinn (26) and her very serious boyfriend, Landon

Addison (22) takes a break from Teaching 4th grade in Colorado Springs to hit the slopes

 Addison's 22nd birthday was in February.  Her class was asked how old they thought Ms. Duane is:
 Addison was selected from thousands of applicants to take a position with Teach For America - in return the Federal Government paid for her Teaching Credential and will pay for her Master's Degree after her two-year commitment is completed.  Here's her class

Ms Duane
Holland is #3 in the lineup of Kari's family.  She recently returned from studying in Germany and has accepted a position as a nanny until next term as a freshman in college

Kari and Mimi (that's me) getting a pedicure in February when I flew home to renew my driver's license

The men in David's family:  Big Sam, Little Sam and David.  Now there's a group of long legs!

Here're David with Tate and Avery, two of the 14-year old triplets

I'd never thought of myself (5'7") as a shrimp . . .

The almost ever-present iPhone

Five of the 6 home at one time!
L to R:  Spencer, Tate, Addison, Holland and Avery

Stay tuned for an upcoming visit with the Jeff Sherman family:  Jeff, Alice, Malia and Samantha - This is one of my favorite, but very old (2009) photos of Jeff's family.  Wait 'til you see how Malia and Samantha have changed . . .

L to R:  Abby, Malia, Alice, Samantha, Jeff and Mimi with little Bella on Samantha's lap

Spencer, my youngest son, and his girlfriend, Rachelle in Greece.  They're currently in Bogotá, Colombia

That's it for today . . . Happy Saturday!


  1. What a nice-looking family - everyone is so attractive - especially Mimi! ;->

    Virtual hugs,


    1. Thanks, Judie. And, you can't tell how proud I am of them, can you?

    2. It's one of the great benefits of being the grandmother!

  2. Hooray for grandmothers and grandfathers. What a great looking family!!!

  3. You have a very nice family and as a grandma, it's your right to be proud. So sorry about your dad unfortunate accident. Wishing him speedy recovery.

    1. He's a fighter, my father-in-law. He'll be back living life his way soon. He's an incredible man.

  4. MP- Once again, great post! Love the family pics, they are a beautiful bunch, but then they had good roots!! (wink wink). Love you, our travelling friend!! Glad to hear and see you are well again!!! Enjoy Arizona and the warmth!!

    1. Thanks Nancy and Doug. Doug, you'd be so happy to see Petunia. She's just sitting outside, so proud of how beautiful she looks! Lots of people in the park stop to comment and ask questions about her.

  5. Hi Mimi, I read The Book Thief, and loved it! Thanks! :D -Malia

  6. Mary-Pat, you have a beautiful - and large - family! Thanks for sharing these photos with us! Even though we're "on the road," it's nice to touch bases with our families from time to time. :)

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