Sunday, March 2, 2014

One More Day in Marfa and Surrounds . . . And, On the Road Again

Mardi Gras 2014

After having passed 2+ months in Louisiana recently, I have a heightened consciousness of the significance of this day.  It's the last day of a very long celebratory time of the year, from January 6th until the beginning of the Lenten Season.  To all my friends at Betty's RV Park, I wish you well, good cheer and enjoy lots more!

Years ago, during a week-long stay in New Orleans, including Mardi Gras, I purchased a mask (a real mask made of spectacularly colorful feathers) and had it framed in a window-box frame.  it hangs over my fireplace at home in California as a reminder of the beauty and fun of Louisiana.  Someday I'll photograph it to include in a post.

Lest we forget, it's also Carnival in South America, especially Brazil . . .

Such color and beauty

So, Mardi Gras finds us in Anthony, Texas / New Mexico in the American RV Park right behind Camping World of El Paso.  I want to start doing more boon-docking, but discovered day before yesterday that my generator is not working properly - or hardly at all.  I drove into CW yesterday afternoon but they couldn't look at it until this AM.  So, here I am waiting until my appointment at 8:30.  Yesterday's drive from Marfa to our present locale came off without a hitch, so to speak.  

More about generators et al later . . .  Here's some more about Marfa:

Sunday, March 2, 2014
I didn't get 'home' until about 11 last night - that's late for this retired me!  This morning I wanted to do a little laundry, work on a post, and I hadn't yet seen:  Prada Marfa; so, I decided to stay one more night here at the Tumble In.

I am becoming more and more familiar with the fact that if I don't take advantage when things are offered I may never get the opportunity again.
Today I was able to reduce my Bucket List by one adventure.  Sixty Minutes did a segment on Marfa and Prada Marfa (with a photo of Beyonce jumping for joy in front of the 'store!')  I just had to see it for myself.

I'll let the photos speak for themselves . . . what a fun adventure!

Heading about 38 miles west from Marfa to Valentine, Texas . . . all of a sudden, in the distance in this wide-open country . .  what in the heck is this?

Oh, I see, it's the United States Air Force Tethered Aerostat Radar Site
Okay, so what is it?

Well, I still don't know, but the sign above the 'warning' says one needs the permission of the Base Commander to enter.  Think I'll pass.

I'm just driving along with my sidekick, Lacy, when I see this ranch sign.  My maiden name is "Ryan" so it perks my interest and I start looking for the ranch itself.  I drove about ten miles and saw another entrance with exactly the same sign.  Hmmm, big ranch.  I drove about another five miles and saw a third, a little more fancy sign, indicating Ryan Ranch.  Never did I see any buildings or indications that there might be life out there.  Talk about a big ranch!  As you can see visibility is miles and miles and the terrain is flat - nothing's hidden - except the Ryan Ranch!

These signs are on every public road and highway in Texas, among with the "Don't Mess With Texas" signs.  They evidently do work because Texas has some of the cleanest roads - absolutely no refuse - in the USA.
Double click to enlarge.

About 37 miles west is the town of Valentine, Texas, population 219.

Once again, Texas-style, in the middle of nowhere

Double click to see fun reflection effects - Lacy is also wanting to see if there might be a sale on dog collars!  Check out the reflections!

 A piece of art, Marfa style - constructed and decorated with authentic Prada bags and shoes in 2005.  What a kick!

More reflection fun.  Another couple pulled up and walked around taking lots of photos while we were there.  They said they were visiting western Texas from Austin, the State capital

More reflections and fun

Scene on the opposite side of the road

A lotta' land

We turn around and get ourselves right back home to Marfa

What a fun experience and I didn't spend a dime!


  1. Don't forget the wonderful Carnaval going on in Mazatlan, Mexico at this moment. This evening is the second parade and the last night of Carnaval. Since today is "Fat Tuesday" don't forget to eat pancakes or donuts or both :)

  2. Great post, MP!! Glad to see you are almost back to "normal". Well, besides the generator, etc!!

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