Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Arizona: Tucson and Phoenix

This is a post I wrote while still in Tucson, almost 2 weeks ago.  I worked on it, then got busy with the drive to Tempe and never posted it!  Better late than never!!!

On March 9, 2014 we took the relatively short trip from Desert Trails RV Park in Tucson to the Phoenix area - just a little over 100 miles.  However, boy did we get an active reminder of those desert wind gusts.  I'd be driving along in a relaxed fashion when suddenly, out of nowhere, several strong gusts of wind would make me grab the steering wheel tightly, hoping we wouldn't be blown off the road.  I'd quickly turn on my backup camera to make sure Petunia was still following with all four wheels on the pavement!

With a stop for gas and a potty stop at a rest area for Lacy, it took us just over three hours to make it to Apache Palms RV Park in Tempe; we'd stayed here last spring when we drove through on our way home from a wonderful winter in Mexico.  My son-in-law, David's, parents live here in Tempe; so once again, I'm looking forward to getting together with Sam and Betsy for a few good visits before I continue to head westward.

But, before I leave Tucson, here are some photos taken during our three days there .  .  .
Desert Trails RV Park has been carved out of the Arizona desert.  They've managed to maintain the cactus in gardens throughout the park

Back in the early 80s, I went back to school to study Biology and Chemistry.  Botany was one of my favorite classes and I did my term project on Cacti.  Sometime I'll do a post on Cacti and Sedum - some of my favorites in the Plant Kingdom.  For now, just enjoy these prickly but interesting flora . . .

Here's Lacy making friends with another poodle in the dog park.  As can be seen in the background there are lots of dog agility learning tools for dogs alone.  I took Lacy through them and she 'learned' how to maneuver them after only one or two tries! 

Here's Petunia in the final stages of her beautification after many long highway-toad miles!

I stopped at Zona Fountains and Nursery to buy a gift for a good friend in California

Winter, Tucson style!  Blooming Bouganvilla everywhere!

So, today it's March 19th but I wanted to share these photos taken in beautiful Arizona.  And, of course, beautiful (again, finally) Petunia


  1. Mary-Pat, looks like you and your crew had a wonderful time in Tucson! Thanks for sharing your lovely photos. Safe Travels!

    1. Thanks, Sheila. Looking forward to your posts, too. And those gorgeous photos!

  2. More great pictures of Arizona, love it!

    1. I passed by Quartzite and there're still lots of RVs there! People must be having fun!

  3. Great looking pix! Wow, poodles are so smart!