Sunday, March 23, 2014

Back "Home" Again in . . . Loomis, California

Lacy, Eleanor and I rolled into Bob and Judy's ranch in Loomis a little after noon yesterday.  Judy is one of my very best friends in the world.  She and Bob married while I was in Guatemala, so I missed a very important historical event!  Seriously, I worked with Judy at Kaiser in Roseville and we have become the greatest of friends - especially since we've both retired.  Judy had been widowed several years ago; then, along came Bob, a retired accountant and rancher.

Judy is now the chief lady rancher on this beautiful ranch.  Loomis is a very small, and somewhat distant, suburb of Sacramento.  Judy is lifelong resident of this area, knows a lot about its history; Bob has been a resident for many years and has owned this ranch for over 20.  When he and Judy 'hitched up' they began a ranch 'overhaul' that has resulted in a very beautiful and comfortable home and property.  

Combining pet families and making additions, they currently have:  two horses, four llamas, four Chihuahuas, two lop-eared bunnies, a cat, and a pond full of Koi (Japanese for 'carp') of every color koi come in!  Oh, and they have resident geese, that do not migrate; some days there are 10 or 20 hear in the ponds and pastures; some days there may be a hundred!  They fly in early in the morning and fly back to (probably) Folsom reservoir every night.  They can be a nuisance what with poop and such; but for me it's heaven to watch all the animals all day long.

You may remember a similar photo of Floribunda 
right after I moved in last July.  
Bob and Judy's ranch was my first adventure.

There's another beautiful 'ranch' across the street.
Each property is about five acres - 'gentlemen ranches'
I took these photos about 8:30 this morning.

These are pampered, well-loved horses, 
Mindy and Pollyanna, who are kept overnight
in the barn and then let out during the day.
I say pampered because Bob and Judy try to protect 
them from the cold nights!  50F!!!

In those trees is a wonderful tree-house 
for the grandkids.  It's even carpeted!

Unfortunately, California is in for a bad summer if 
we don't get lots more rain and that's not likely; so, container plants, 
landscaping and watered pastures may not
be possible.

Lacy has an affinity for this rose garden. No roses to 
smell - yet - Lacy

This is a small landscaped and enclosed garden area where
they let the bunnies run free and play in the bushes and flowers.
Oreo and Sable also have an indoor / outdoor hutch in sun and partial shade.
In the summertime, with our really high temperatures
the bunnies are brought into the house during the hot days

Here are three of the four Chihuahuas:  L to R:
Lilly, Dusty and Marty.  Max had taken a real liking to Lacy's
soup bone and was out on the deck going at it.

It's Spring, it's Sunday, we're with friends - 
I'm happy . . . and I wish you a happy Sunday


  1. I can't imagine having four little dogs like that. I'd be afraid I'd step on them. Gorgeous place.

    1. They're very talented in getting out of harm's way. It's a lot of barking at times, though!

  2. Happy Sunday! Glad you have arrived safely! Enjoy your stay during this Spring with friends, family and of course the four-legged best friends!

    1. I'm a real sucker for pets and love all of them. However, Pollyanna (horse) had it this afternoon with Lacy running by the fence and barking; so Pollyanna lifted her back legs and kicked the fence right by Lacy. I bet she'll think twice about irritating the horses!

  3. What a beautiful place! But, I need, need, need pictures of the llamas....I really, really need a llama fix. Are you doing any physical therapy to get ready for yur knee replacement? I did and the physician said that it really helped.

    1. Glad to hear I have a co-knee replacement partner! Yes, I'm doing quite a few exercises, aerobic and strength. I completely expect to be "good as new" after this!!!???!!!

    2. Oh, and Nan, I'll take a few snaps of the four llamas. Bob's had llamas for years and three of the four are quite elderly. They had five last summer - one passed away in his sleep a few months ago. I'm not sure how old he was.

  4. What a beautiful place! the green and the horses... downright bucolic... ;)

  5. Now that is a wonderful place to campout at. Enjoy.

  6. I miss you......but I am glad you are nearly "home" to get that knee fixed. Now I can say, "This is my friend Mary-Pat, she's from Roseville CA but her knee is from Belgium!! Hugs!!

  7. Wow, what a life - even better than mine!

  8. OK Missy, it's time to check in here. :-)