Thursday, November 14, 2013

Elk City Lake Park, Oklahoma

Last night was wonderful, here all by ourselves, Lacy, Eleanor and I had a really good night's sleep.  Of course, the kids always have a good night's sleep!  I slept for about 9 hours; must have needed it after waking often the last several nights to get up and see if Lincoln was back.  I want to thank everybody for their kind words and condolences.  It's a little easier once I got away from where I lost him.

This morning I decided to stay at least another day in this peaceful setting.  I can count the number of cars that have passed by the site today on one hand - and two of them were city trucks emptying garbage bins, etc.  This afternoon another RVer showed up and parked about 200 yards from us; not bad, we'll share the wealth.

Ah, today was one of those days I take as a gift.  Here I am at 5:45 in the afternoon, still in my new, warm red plaid flannel PJs.  I love it.  I spent a good part of the day working on some Excel spreadsheets I've been wanting to develop for Floribunda and Petunia, bringing together all the background information on their maintenance, the status of the maintenance record now and, finally, a schedule for proceeding with maintenance in the future.  

Fortunately, the original owner of Floribunda kept meticulous records, albeit on lots of separate pieces of paper.  I consolidated and organized his information, added what I've done / had done and made a "Want to do / Need to do" list for the future.

For Petunia, I essentially did the same thing.  Although she's a 2008 model, she only has 14,000 miles on her, including the accumulation since I've owned her.  So, she's still a babe as far as usage goes.  But, in all that's happened with her clutch, etc, I've not had simple things like oil and filter change done.  Now I have a spreadsheet to refer to when I take either vehicle in for regular maintenance.  And, I have knowledge of where we stand if / when I head in for unplanned maintenance; so I don't have to feel at the mercy of their suggestions - at least not so much!

I'm not sure what's going on with the weather gadget on my blog; it's definitely not 81F here, as it's reading right now.  I fooled with the weather gadget to indicate Oklahoma instead of Texas; but it's gone a little crazy.  I'll work on it later ...

Only a couple of photos this afternoon ... taken about 15 minutes apart.

Taken about 5:25pm

Taken about 5:40pm
Now, it's back to my book.  Good grief, I haven't read my book all day long!


  1. Those boon docking stops and the occasional free campground sure helps with the overall budget.

    1. Yes, and this one is so serene that I'd pay for it. I love the wide- openness when it's cool and the sunshine feels good on the rig.

  2. You are right - a new place will help you feel better. Like you said, you gave him an amazing journey and he knew he was well loved!!!

    You and Doug - the spreadsheet experts!!!

    1. HI Nancy: You and Doug are amongst the few who knew Lincoln. I'll miss him but it's getting better each hour and day. I try to look to the positive .... Eleanor has had a wonderful 'awakening' and is becoming so affectionate. I think in her previous life she'd been so abused by other cats, she almost always wanted to hide. Now she is next to me just about all the time. And, that's the way I like my pets - with me.
      Yeah, I do love those spreadsheets. Now, if I could get myself disciplined enough to really stick to them! It seems there's always SOMETHING to throw me off balance!

  3. You know, it's funny how one animal in the family changes all the dynamics. My friend lost a cat to cancer, and her other cat, very shy, suddenly became super friendly and now spend time on her lap and sleeps with her. My friend is loving this new cat/human relationship.

    I absolutely love days when I have something on the computer that takes me hours to do - I can just get lost in it. I have a humongous Excel spreadsheet with all my expenses, travel information, gas information, annual expenses - one-time and recurring, financial info, budget - everything.

    I do have one suggestion: at the end of every month (or more often), make a back-up copy of your spreadsheet. I have my original and a back-up on my computer as well as a monthly back-up on a thumb drive. When I lost one of my computers, I was able to download a copy from a CD I had made, but it was out of date and I had to get out all the receipts I had left to try to fill out some of the months. Now I'm covered and also have Carbonite. It's a lot of work and I could never re-do it all.

  4. Thanks for the suggestion; I think, at times, I'm a little too trusting so this is a good thing for me to do. Also, I just got a email from my brother in Santa Cruz, CA, telling me that he'd found a terribly malnourished and scraggly looking cat and took it in. They decided to take it to the vet; lo and behold, it had a chip and they were able to return it to its owner, a new resident close to their home, who'd lost the cat in the move. Yippee, a good ending.
    I'm in process of collating several different Excel workbooks into my own humungous RV life spreadsheet. Didn't work on it today 'cause I went out to see what's happening in Elk City, Oklahoma. It's a nice place with really nice people. I ran into a fix-it man in a hardware store and he came over and put a cabinet door back on that had just about fallen on my head as I was parking the other day. He didn't want to take any money but I insisted on giving him $10. I love to meet nice people!

  5. Beautiful pictures! love sunsets and well, rises ;)