Thursday, November 21, 2013

Heading to Texas Today

Wrote this morning but forgot to publish ...

I'm just posting a tiny update because we're getting ready to head to Texas - again!

My wonderful friend, John, emailed me yesterday and solved my problem.  I hadn't noticed that there was a GFI in the bathroom.   Unlike those I'm familiar with in my house that are color coded, this one is the same color as the outlet so I'd not noticed it before.  Also, it's tucked behind a storage container that the previous owner had attached to the counter and is not the easiest to see / use.  I'd like to, once again, thank everybody for suggestions and help.  I'm going to follow through on the websites and get myself at least a little informed regarding electrical connections of the RV life!

I haven't even uploaded the photos from yesterday but will later today.  I visited the Oklahoma National Memorial and Museum in downtown OK City.  I'll have lots to share about that moving experience.

Now I'm off to get ready to move ...... We'll 'talk' later, friends .....


  1. ohhh I remember that GFI in the bathroom deal! flumbuzzled me too.

    gonna get cold going on through central Texas ... so I hear