Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Not Proselytizing, Enjoy ....

I don't think anyone would accuse me of trying to change others' feelings about spirituality, religion or God; but I'm currently renewing my acquaintance with the religion of my birth.  So, I do a little reading and pondering each day and came across this photo.  The activity here depicted is the every Wednesday morning habit of Pope Francis to mingle with the crowds in St. Peter's Square.  He has made it known that if newly-wed couples wear their wedding finery to the audience they will be invited to the front of the crowd for a special Papal blessing for their marriage.  This couple wore their wedding duds and wanted to share with the pontiff their work for a charity that brings clowns to cheer chronically-ill children.  This was the result ....

Lincoln update ....
I'll head out today, one more visit to the Amarillo shelters to look for Lincoln; then I think I'll have to do an attitude adjustment and believe that he is where he's supposed to be.  I will miss him and love him a lot; but, Lacy, Eleanor and I will plan to head east tomorrow - as I see it now.

Also, today I'd like to take in that RV Museum in Amarillo but have to look up the location to fit it into shelter hopping.  As with lots of parts of the Country this morning, it's COLD - got down to the low 20s earlier.  Burrrrr.  But, now the sun's out and the grayish-looking clouds seem to have disappeared.  

Happy Tuesday and we'll keep you posted on the 'scouring the countryside' progress.....


  1. I'm not a religious person but this Pope Francis is really trying to change stuff around. I think he has already done what no other Pope has ever done ... be real.

    so so sorry about Lincoln... there's still hope! And, yes... the Texas Panhandle has volatile weather... gets cold and stays cold for a very long time.

  2. It's 11:30 and it's up to 31 degrees!

  3. Do you have some rubber boots? You could put those on and scour those nearby fields. We once had a cat go missing and found her on day 11 in a nearby vacant home. We just walked and looked and called. No idea why she couldn't find her way home, and Lincoln has no idea where he is. She lived to be eighteen, but we never let her outside again. Lincoln's leash may be caught on a rock that gave him some shelter during the cold night. Don't give up, and good luck Mary-Pat. Hoping for the best here!!!

  4. If you manage to get further south in Texas, don't miss Marfa, Texas.
    The art there is amazing and it's the gateway to Big Bend National Park.

    1. As I drove by the turnoff to Marfa in April, I didn't have enough time to make the trip and enjoy it. It's on my list. I did see the 60 Minutes piece on it and thought it'd be a hoot to visit, for the art of course and also for the joy of it!