Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday in Amarillo

Amarillo in a pink haze

I hope problems don't always have to come in threes.  It knocked a little of the wind out of my sails when I accidentally deleted my followers comments.  But, then yesterday afternoon I took Lacy and Lincoln out for a walk, Lincoln on his leash.  And he's doing so well on the leash, but he always wants to be free.  He usually sticks close to the RV, often actually under it, relaxing on an axle.  Yesterday as we walked I dropped his red leash and let him just follow along with us as we sauntered through the RV park.  I've taken him out a couple of times a day, which is what I try to do at each new 'yard.'

As we were heading back to the RV, Lincoln got it in his head that he wasn't ready to go inside; so he wandered through a fence within the park, but wouldn't come when I called him.  Now it's been over 24 hours and no Lincoln.  The thing that really bothers me is that it would be so easy for him to get caught up on something and not be able to get loose.  I've printed pictures of him and talked with the owners so they're aware that he's out there somewhere.  I'm going out every so often and calling, but the wind has been blowing so hard yesterday and today, I don't think he could hear me unless he were very close.  Also, he's never had much of a 'meow,' so it's next to impossible for him to say, "I'm right here, Mom."

I just hope he makes it back.  He has a chip and lots of identification on him, if he still has his collar.  Think good thoughts for his return, please.

I did take Lacy to a groomer this morning and she's all bathed, trimmed and beautiful.  She even has purple bows, which she could care less about!  I've kind of stuck around the RV park hoping to see Lincoln, but tomorrow I plan to go to the RV Museum and also the Pharmacy Museum.  And there are a couple of other things I want to do before we head east.


  1. Okay, from up here in Canada, I am sending Lincoln good vibes and telling him to GO HOME to MOM!!!!! He is such a cool cat, but has such an adventurous spirit (...just like you, MP)

    ...good thoughts, good thoughts....

  2. I really hope Lincoln has made his way back to you or to someone who will get him home! Thinking of you both!

  3. As you fear, and rightfully so, he is probably caught up somewhere by his leash and can't get away or out of his collar.

    IMO and sad to say but please... someone needs to get on the other side of that fence and find him before he starves or dies of other causes like hypothermia, animal attack, lack of water or heatstroke.


  4. I've enjoyed reading your blog, but have always worried about Lincoln. Cats who wander are so vulnerable. If it helps, I have adopted outdoor cats and very successfully retrained them as indoor pets. They can adapt and adjust, and they are so much safer. I know you love Lincoln, and my fingers are crossed for his return to you.