Monday, November 11, 2013

Veterans Day and Marin County, California

Lincoln Update 

Monday morning dawned clear and sunny but a tad chilly, in the 30s.  I'm using my little electric space heater to save  propane for when not plugged in.  I checked, first thing, to see if Lincoln might be under the rig, I call every time I open the door, just in case; no Lincoln response, again.  Hopefully at least a couple of the animal shelters will be open today, Veterans Day, so if I find him I can head out tomorrow.  If not I'll stay a couple more days, I think.
7PM:  Nope nothing yet.  I did post about 30 signs around the park with contact info and I checked with three shelters; none was open today.  I've signed on here at the Park until at least Wednesday and will head out to shelters tomorrow.

Veterans Day Thoughts and Memories

I'm at 'Army brat' and I'm sure most know what that means.  I guess my history is just a little different than many, in that Dad was almost 40 when I was born,  quite elderly for beginning with his first-born.  His military life began at the age of 16, when he fibbed to the recruiter that he was 18 and entered the Navy.  I suspect that 'fib' would be a little more difficult to get away with  when enlisting these days.  Unfortunately, I don't know too much about his experiences in the Navy, except that he was assigned to a ship and did circumvent the globe during his four years of service.  And, I don't know why he left the Navy, but what I do know is that he went, almost directly, and enlisted (legally) in the Army.  I have to assume that, even at that age, military life was attractive to him.

During the peace time between the Wars, the Army educated Dad in business, accounting and finance and he became a CPA; his military assignments  were mostly involved in managing the Army's payroll, etc.  

I was born in San Francisco in 1943, right in the middle of WWII; Dad was stationed for a short time at the Presidio there, right next to the Golden Gate Bridge;   then, my brother, Jim, was born in August of 1944 in Monterey, California.  However, Dad was again in the Pacific and didn't meet his son until he was several months old.  Mom drove back and forth across the country to be either where he was leaving from or where he would be returning; we did a lot of moving but I don't have many recollections of that time.  He returned to the States for good in Spring 1945 and retired from the Army, the first time, in 1948.

In 1951, he went back on active duty during the Korean War and I do remember that time without my dad.  His 30-year retirement, the final one, occurred after Korea and, although my folks were both easterners, we settled in Campbell, California where Dad worked for the Post Office.

But, never did he let retirement or civilian life deter him from his belief that the way of the military was the perfect way.  He bounced a quarter on my bed many mornings to assure himself it was made properly.  I stood behind my chair ("Attention!") at the dining table until given permission to seat myself for dinner.  I could go on, but will save some stories for another post.  Suffice it to say, I've always been aware of Veterans and all they give to protect our Freedom in this wonderful Country of ours.

Happy Veterans Day to all veterans.  We appreciate and thank you.

On another subject.....

I received this from a good friend in Marin County, California, where I most feel at home .....

21 Reasons Marin County is THE Most Beautiful County

Didn't take any photos today, so enjoy Marin!


  1. quite elderly?? at almost 40? oh, me…. I was 42 when my one and only son was born. I did say … wth??? but there he was… don't recall feeling elderly until his friends' parents who were young enough to be my kids … would say… ohhhh yeah…. I remember that from history class … when I was relating an event that happened twelve days ago!

    If I had money? I would be living in Marin County… just love it there… Mill Valley ~ Sausalito … Tiburon ~ was just there late last summer…

    Well you had a military strict upbringing… I had a strict minister's kid upbringing… he didn't bounce quarters off m'bed but … no talking at the dinner table and as you say … I could go on…

    However, I was also taught to love and respect this country … he wasn't in the service but worked at an ammunition plant during the war. Extremely patriotic and I can tell you … I still swell with pride when I see our Flag at the Olympics and well… anywhere.

    What a price the husbands, wives, Moms and Dads who lost their boys and now our girls ~ paid ~ … for freedom and greed. don't get me stared… ;)

    1. Hi Carolyn - Yeah, 40's nothing now, but in my dad's day! I've always found patriotic feelings bring on tears faster than sadness. Not sure why the sadness doesn't bring them on fast but I often succumb to sad tears after the fact, but patriotic tears I can't stop in the moment.

  2. Thanks for the Marin pics. I haven't seen a lot of it, but I stumbled into Mill Valley many years back. It was enchanting. Took me a couple days to get away.

    1. HI Gil: Nice to hear from you; and, I haven't forgotten that I promised a review ....
      I've lived in San Rafael, Sausalito, Mill Valley and Tiburon. At two different times I stayed with friends in Ross and San Anselmo, so I feel I really know that area. And, it is gorgeous.

  3. I'm still holding out hope for Mr. Lincoln.......

    1. I'm heading out to shelters again today; but my hopes are dwindling. It got down to the low 20s last night. I don't think he'd have made it if he were exposed. As my son, Jeff, told me, "Mom, cats are cats; they don't often remain as pets as long as dogs do."