Saturday, August 10, 2013

"Family" Readiness

I spent a nice last day with my friend, Judy, having lunch at "Yard House" in the Fountains Shopping Center in Roseville - a delicious lunch and even peach cobbler for dessert.  We did a little shopping at the Roseville Mall Macy's sale and then returned to the ranch for some relaxation and chat.  It's really been a comfortable and happy last day here.

Bob and Judy have been such perfect hosts and have even encouraged me to think about breaking up my adventure by coming back to stay a while maybe in the middle of the trip.  Hmm, I have no idea what's to come, except that I know I'm open to new possibilities.  We shall see what we shall see!

Without having exactly planned to be making this 'maiden voyage' of Floribunda Flair and Petunia Smart Car on a weekend, I have to admit that I feel thankful that there shouldn't be hordes of travelers heading north on I-5 on a Sunday early afternoon.  So, we can just take our time and get to know one another, so to speak.

I'm also giving some serious thought to settling down in an RV park for my time in the Redding / Red Bluff / Cottonwood area; for those who are familiar with the region - if it's hot in Sacramento, it's REALLY hot in Cottonwood.  I discovered it takes a whole lot of gas to run the generator for air conditioning; I'm thinking while I'm in really hot country it may be worth it to pay $30 something / day to avoid having to use so much gas just sitting at my son's house.  Now that I have Petunia, I can visit them and still enjoy having the RV at an acceptable temperature - for me and the animals.  It's supposed to be about 95 F. tomorrow; then it's going to warm up for the rest of the week!  And, that's considered mild.

Going to check out now and see about the Durango RV Park in Red Bluff .....


  1. Mary-Pat, there is a Passport America park in Los Molinos (Driftwood RV & Fishing Resort) which does not seem to have any time restriction. Only $20 per night but with only 30 amp service. Passport membership is $44 per year, but we earned that back within our first three stays at PA parks. Some of their parks have time restrictions. You might want to check out their website at if you are not aware of them already. Safe travels. --Dave

    1. Hi Dave. Yes, I belong to passport-america. This week it's a little inconvenient as I'm going to spend quite a bit of time at my son's in Cottonwood - getting things done on the Toyota Dolphin (named 'Daphne') so he can sell it for me. I've offered him a nice "commission" for handling the sale. Also, I have lots of housekeeping stuff to transfer to Floribunda. I fully intend to use passport. america whenever I can't stay in a nice National or State Park. We'll be in touch. mp

  2. Mary-Pat, We had hoped to see you and Lacey before departure but time was short. Remember you always have a place to park in Roseville on your return visits. I'll be reading your blog.
    Via con Dios mi amiga.