Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Getting Into Blog Design

Bouncing around on the Internet I found this clip art HEART made up of BUTTERFLIES.  Perfect  as an intro to my blog, says I.  Well, now I don't know how to edit the size of the picture, so it's gigantic.  I also shortened the little blurb at the top.  This all started because, although I like the color scheme I'd chosen, I've been frustrated that I don't know how to change the birds on the wing to butterflies in flight in the upper right on the watermark template.

Before I continue fooling around with it I thought I'd share that I woke up early enough this morning that I went out and gave Petunia a first bath.  She'd become dusty, mostly from ranch parking and a little from the freeway driving.  Now she's nice and shiny again and has had a chance to dry completely before the heat terror of the Red bluff sun.

Later ....  Okay, I found a way to make the image smaller so the title line shows up better.  Now I'd like to make it a little more rectangular - wider than it is long .....

And, can anybody tell me how to change the birds to butterflies?


  1. Mary-Pat, to change the birds you need to change the watermark file which has the birds in it...you might find it easier just having a whole new header, such as this example which I put together


    I can be reached by email at dave at goingrvway.com (of course, replace the word "at" with a @ and don't have any spaces)


    1. Hi Dave:
      I'm emailing you right now.

    2. Sent you an email back from my "real" email address....check your spam/junk folder if you don't see it, it is a yahoo email account. --Dave

  2. Very nice! I took a peek at your work Dave - lovely. Perfect Mary Pat!

  3. I agree and am waiting to possibly get instruction for inserting his design in my blog. The idea for the name of the blog came to me when I was living and volunteering in Guatemala. I'd just retired before flying there and felt retirement was like being a butterfly - free. And the reference to heart songs came to me when I tried to describe how it feels to do volunteer work that is really really needed. My heart sings.

  4. So far it looks perfect to me. I love it.

  5. Gee, when you said Dave I didn't realize it was our mutual friend Dave. He's got hidden talents - the header is beautiful! :-)

  6. Yes, "our" Dave has been wonderful. I've been troubled ever since I started this blog because the birds in the upper right of the template didn't match my blog's references to butterflies and heart songs. I'm thrilled with how he's put this together. I've started a trial of Adobe Elements 11 to see how I like it; I may purchase it. Dave used Elements to make the banner.
    I'm envying your weather in Lincoln City, Oregon - it's so hot here - right now my outside thermometer is registering 93 - at 9PM!