Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesday Morning By a Babbling Brook - Ashland

At least the heat was not completely oppressive yesterday in Ashland and it cooled down to a manageable degree, so I was able to sleep with the bedroom window open - and oh, the beautifully relaxing sound of the babbling brook only about 15 feet from my pillow.  And it was relaxing, but I didn't fall asleep until after midnight - reading, listening to the babbling, playing electronic games with friends... so the chime of my cell phone woke me up this morning.

"Good Morning," said John, my ex-husband!  I thought he was calling from the Bay Area and had no clue why.  As the sleep-induced cobwebs cleared I realized he was saying that they (he and his wife, Gail) had spent the night in Ashland, on their way to Portland and points beyond, and that they'd like to come by to say 'hi.'  He must have spoken with Jeff, who probably told him I was here.  They should be here any time ....


John and Gail, who live in the San Francisco Bay Area,  stopped by after enjoying Ashland yesterday and last night.  They brought me a beautiful basket of home-grown tomatoes, grapes and pears.  I didn't mention to them, but had planned to go to the store this morning to replenish my fresh fruit supply - now I don't have to - and there's nothing in the World like John's tomatoes!  He has a magic touch and loves every minute of caring for his plants and crops.  It was nice of them to stop by; they're traveling with their Golden Retriever and a new Rat Terrier 5-month old puppy that is absolutely adorable.  John was born and raised in Bremerton and Seattle so this trip, for them, is to visit some childhood friends of Gail and some of his old haunts.  I shared that I'll be heading in much the same direction, although my itinerary is only a work in progress and could change at any time.  After bidding them 'farewell' I turned and noticed that Petunia is ready and able anytime I want to jump in and take her for a spin ...

Also this morning I received a call from Joyce (Richard and Joyce are a very interesting couple I met in Guatemala last November), asking if I'd like to go to their ranch this afternoon for a swim and chat.  They evidently live very close to this RV park; Joyce said she'd walk over and take Lacy and me home for a swim.  This is just what I love about traveling - old and new friends, introductions to regional cultures and activities and just plain enjoyment.

More later ...


  1. Your RV site looks so inviting and the sound of the brook an extra bonus.

  2. Glad you are off to such a nice start. We are headed up the coast tomorrow ourselves after helping get mom and dad moved in and settled into their rental house next to my sister. Since we moved ourselves early this year, and then moved from one motorhome into another, this is like our third move of the year! Take care, perhaps our paths will cross soon...if not, I am sure it will sometime. --Dave