Monday, August 12, 2013

Malaise, Heat Exhaustion, Laziness, Satisfaction ....

No, I don't think I'm suffering from malaise or heat exhaustion and I choose not to think it's laziness.  I guess it's satisfaction .....

Red Bluff in the summertime is hot and dry; the difference between the climate at this northern end of the San Joaquin Valley and the Sacramento area is that it just doesn’t cool down very much in the evening and night.  Last night it only got down to about the mid-70s - then started right back up this morning.  By the time I rolled out of bed after 9, it was climbing up towards the 80s.  In Loomis the last month it has been dropping way down into the low 60s and sometimes the 50s at night – kind of restoring one’s energy supply.  Oh, maybe this lazy feeling is just the first day of the rest of my life!  We’ve done a lot of relaxing today ….

The kids say, "This is the first day of relaxation - since yesterday!"  They just move from one place to another and start relaxing all over again!

Alice, my beautiful daughter-in-law,  called this morning, came over to see the wheeled abode at about 1 and we went out for a great lunch (dinner for me – for sure) at the Green Barn Steakhouse on Antelope Blvd.  It’s an old establishment, but neither of us had previously been there and found our lunches to be very good.  I had a prime rib French Dip sandwich and tossed salad, while Alice had a beautiful Shrimp Louis.  We did a lot of catching up on what’s happening with the family and my plans [next to none] for this adventure. 

Lacy worked up enough energy to accompany Alice to her car when she was ready to leave.  Sometime I tell lots more about Alice, one of God's gifts to the human race.  I love that lady!

Because I want to give Petunia-Smart Car a bath I wanted to buy some kind of car-washing product and Alice told me about one she’d purchased from a salesman in the service station while she was filling up with gas a few weeks ago.  She couldn’t remember the name, so we went to an O’Reilly’s to see if they carry such.  The guy there knows about it and even has some at home, but he couldn’t remember the brand either; however, they both agree it’s kind of a wonder product, so now my interest is peaked and I’ll not rest until I find out what it is and where I can buy it!  The O’Reilly guy said it’s not sold in stores; if anybody knows what it’s called, please let me know.  Supposedly you can ‘wash’ the car without soap or water!!!  And, Alice said Jeff loves it for cleaning the boat too.  Got to find out more!

When Alice had left it was time to take Lacy out for a little jaunt around the park – but late afternoon is the hottest time of day – about 103 today – so we didn’t last too long out there.  I find it so easy to pass the time reading, writing, playing games [Words With Friends, etc.], and generally being lazy – I mean relaxed.  Come on, MP, work on acclimating! 

I did take this shot of the Sacramento River with the bridge in the background being one of the I-5 crossings in Red bluff.  This is just a few steps from my RV site.  Even though the water is very low, there is still quite a current - and lots of water.


  1. You really know how to live your life, MP. I love it. I think that it is the highest compliment that you pay to Alice "one of God's gifts to the human race". So nice....

    You are such a wonderful person and we are SO very glad we met you!!!

    1. I've, jokingly, told Jeff and Kari that if they ever divorce I may just keep the daughter- and son-in-law, instead! Just kidding, but I feel very blessed to have both a God's gift Alice and a God's gift David!

  2. Another "cult road trip classic" is Jack Kerouacs "On the Road". But may be you have red it already.

  3. You know, Renate, that's another book I read years and years ago - maybe I should pick it up again.

  4. Yikes, the temps there would be too hot for me - especially since they don't dip down into "cool" in the evenings. Enjoy your time there and have FUN! :-)