Friday, August 9, 2013

The Final Countdown .... Finally

So, I drove little Petunia almost a hundred miles today - getting all the "stuff" done that I've somehow allowed myself to think I need to do before I leave.  It's almost over.  A few more little things tomorrow and I'm planning to head out from Bob and Judy's ranch on Sunday.

I may have to drive (with Smart Car in tow) to Vacaville - making the trip to Cottonwood about 3 hours longer; my Cottonwood twin granddaughters are visiting my ex-husband in El Sobrante and will be heading home on Sunday.  It's certainly a lot closer for me to make the detour to pick them up than it is for my son to drive from Cottonwood to Vacaville (about 150 miles).  That'll give the girls a chance to ride in Mimi's new RV and save Jeff and Alice a long trip to pick them up.

I'll be spending a lot of time on this trip and I'll miss my grandkids so this will be kind of a special time with Malia and Samantha.

An idea:   logo for this blog.


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  2. I love the idea for your blog logo!! Perfect!

  3. Perfect logo. Safe travels Sunday.